A Foodie Trip Through Costa Blanca

Alongside glistening seas and gorgeous beaches, Costa Blanca has something to offer every foodie. The region is famous for its Spanish cuisine and seafood. However, you’ll find a lot more to enjoy in this area than just paella. As a premier destination for food tourism, there are enough restaurants and wine in Costa Blanca to make you consider looking for somewhere to live.

Spending some time in Costa Blanca allows you to sample the winemaking process,

Wine in Costa Blanca

The Celler la Muntanya produces wine through a supply of grapes coming exclusively from smallholders. These vineyards make some of the best wine available from Spain. Touring the winery gives you an insight into this process. However, you also get to taste some of their award-winning wines. The establishment itself is located right by a natural park, allowing you a fantastic view with your wine.

Bodegas Faelo is a sight not to be missed for wine-lovers in Costa Blanca. This winery produces some fantastic wines, but it is also offers winemaking courses and tasting. These are lead by the owner and operator of the place himself. You can learn about developing your palette, wine pairings, and even the very traditional methods still in use to produce the best wine today.

Ali-Oil Tours

The Ali-Oil tour lets you explore the olive oil production areas in Costa Blanca. This region makes some fantastic Olive Oil, an absolutely vital ingredient in Spanish cooking. Getting up close to the process will give you a new appreciation for the complexity and worth of this substance, and how important it is to the fantastic food you will find all over Costa Blanca.


The Michelle stared Monastrell is one of the best restaurants in Costa Blanca. It serves the best of fine dining, using local ingredients that ensures a real fresh taste. The relaxing experience allows you to sample the best food on offer in Spain in some of the nicest environments.

The Amigos restaurant is one of the most loved places in Costa Blanca. It may not offer the high-end dining of Monastrell, but its signature stakes are nothing to ignore. In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, you can sample the best in real Spanish cooking.

You couldn’t have a foodie trip through Costa Blanca without trying some of the signature dish. The Tapas I Vins La Xara is the place to go for traditional tapas. It is a relaxing and friendly place, befitting of the social traditions of eating Tapas. Despite the portion sizes, you will want to try everything on the menu before you leave Costa Blanca.

Some wonderful properties for sale in Costa Blanca can give you access to all of these restaurants. Some people might think that food and wine aren’t quite enough of a reason to buy property for sale in Costa Blanca, but they’ve never tasted this. Finding and buying property for sale in Costa Blanca allows you to take in the diversity of the restaurant scene here whenever you want.