6 Hacks for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone deserves to get a good night’s rest, but it can seem an impossible feat for a lot of people. The idea of getting a healthy night’s rest without any issue can be a distant dream for those people who can’t easily fall asleep (or stay asleep).

If you’re wondering what might be causing a difficult night’s sleep, here are a few hacks you could try to help tackle the most common problems.

  • Upgrade Your Bed and Mattress

Your mattress should be one investment you’re happy to make, but it’s surprisingly not one that many people will remember, seeing as it’s quite an expensive one-off purchase. However, this is an investment you’re never going to regret; and aside from that, the right mattress will have a number of health benefits, both for your physical body and a healthy night’s rest.

It’s important to find the mattress firmness which works for you so that you can be as comfortable as possible and also have your body and spine supported in the right way.

You should also make sure you have enough covers and pillows as you need. Some people can benefit from body pillows for spinal posture, and you may even love a weighted blanket.

  • Go to Bed a Little Earlier

If you find yourself worrying about how long it’s going to take you to drop off (and doing the calculations of how many hours of sleep that will be), this can lead to more panic and result in you staying awake even longer. If you know you usually toss and turn for a little while, try going to bed earlier than you need to.

  • Avoid Scrolling on Your Phone in Bed

Try to avoid lying in bed scrolling through social media and your bright phone screen right before you want to go to sleep. Make your bedroom a safe haven from bright technology or things like social media which are going to keep your brain awake and active.

  • Do Evening Yoga

Exercise in the evening can help your sleeping pattern in many ways. High-energy exercise can help to tire you out more easily, but relaxing exercises like yoga can help you to feel more at ease, shed the weight of the day, and relax your mind and body in time for sleep. You can find the perfect pink yoga mat or any color your like, or you can even do certain yoga stretches while in bed.

  • Avoid Eating Too Late

Eating is great at making you feel sleepy, but that doesn’t mean you should be eating right before you go to bed. Your body needs a chance to properly digest the food you’ve eaten, so make sure to eat at least a few hours before you’re planning on going to sleep for a more restful night.

  • Avoid Caffeinated Drinks in the Evening

Choose your evening drinks wisely so that you can avoid highly caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks, both of which are going to make it more likely you’ll be wide awake. If you do want any caffeinated drinks, try to time your meal and drinks, so they’re not too close to when you want to go to bed.