What Personal and Commercial Purposes Can You Use a Drone For?

Drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are quickly becoming essential tools in a lot of industries today. Whichever business you do, one way or another, you can use a drone to boost efficiency. Whether it’s the upgrade of media coverage, cinematography, photography, crisis response or personal reasons, these tiny vehicles that are controlled remotely are capable of some incredible stuff.

What Makes Drones So Special?

Initially, when drones were first released to the mass market, they were pretty basic devices that could easily be overlooked as toys. Right now, however, the technology in these devices has advanced so much that you could even liken the first generation of drones to the Nokia 110 and the latest models to the recently released iPhone 11 pro.

On top of coming with some super cool technologies, these UAVs have become pretty affordable, depending on what you want from the device and how you plan to use it. Some of the best drones in the market are equipped with features like:

  • Collision dodging;
  • In-built autopilot and GPS, allowing the UAV to fly pre-programmed routes;
  • 4K cameras that can take ultra-high-definition videos and images;
  • Active tracking (the ability to follow a given subject automatically);
  • Bluetooth capability;
  • Fast speeds of up to 80km/hr or more;
  • Terrain follow (being able to maintain constant height while flying over uneven terrain);
  • Distance control, security features, dependability and battery lifespan also keep improving.

In case you were wondering how exactly you can use these incredible pieces of tech, here are some of the most popular applications:

  • Photography/ Cinematography

Before drones were invented, taking aerial pictures from high up often required the use of cranes and choppers, which was pretty expensive and sometimes even risky. Now, thanks to the introduction of reasonably priced drones furnished with high-definition cameras, taking photos and videos from high up are much affordable for photographers and filmmakers. Moreover, drones can safely operate not only at much lower heights and effortlessly navigate narrower spaces, which isn’t the case for helicopters.

Today, photographers, filmmakers and media houses at large use drones to capture awesome pictures or record videos at critical moments from the sky. Drones are popularly used for landscape and wildlife shoots, film and TV recording, weddings, birthday parties and even by vloggers to created their content about different subjects.

  • Search and Rescue

Drones have become a very important tool for search and rescue missions and disaster response teams. On top of being much cheaper than airplanes, drones can also get to places where airplanes can’t travel.

Military-grade UAVs also come with thermal and infrared sensors that make it easier for search-and-rescue teams to find lost people through their heat signatures. Additionally, in the case of disaster, drones are also used for the quick delivery of emergency supplies to save lives.

  • Security Surveillance

Domestic and commercial security is another important sector loaded with opportunities for the drone business. Drones are capable of capturing live video footage of a home invasion and convey it to a mobile or desktop device and even alert the police department if it is necessary.

On top of that, drones can help in sensing numerous other threats to home property like fire outbreaks and water leaks. Live video footage or signals can be sent to a business or home owner’s device to a central monitoring station or straight to emergency response teams.

  • Agriculture

Drones are also being used to transform the agricultural sector. Currently, large scale farmers used drones to survey their produce, and the drones usually come equipped with a range of sensors that allows a farmer to collect a great amount of useful data. Some of the data collected include the state of pest infestation, soil hydration, and variations in soil texture and composition, and the data is vital in providing insights that assist the farmer in making the right decisions.

For example, having the right information about the produce at a specific time assists the farmer in implementing the best possible crop fertilization, irrigation and pest and fungal control. Better still, cutting down the use of water and pesticides and maximizing crop harvests helps the farmer’s bottom line and the environment.

  • Commercial, Industrial, Insurance, Building Inspections

Commercial, industrial, insurance and building inspections can be complicated, very expensive and dangerous, especially on towering structures. However, with drone technology, all of these inspections can be carried safely and with less economic burden because they cut down on labor and accompanying equipment. Drones particularly come in handy when dealing with structures like cell and TV towers, pipelines, bridges, power lines, solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Gambling

Gambling has also been impacted by the usage of drones, but not in a pretty way to say the least. There have been cases where gamblers use unauthorized drones during races to gain a split-second advantage when betting on thoroughbreds.

In mainland China, on the other hand, drones have been used by law enforcement authorities to bust illegal gambling dens as the activity was banned by the state. We have to say that if you live in a region where gambling is against the law, you should travel to a gambling-legal country so that you can enjoy action-packed slots online, such as Spina Colada, or visit a land-based casino.

Which other application of drones do you think is worth mentioning? Let us know right here in our comments section!