What are the Characteristics of 360 Feedback Process?

The 360 ​​degree performance evaluation is the method and it gives the chance to every employee to receive the performance feedback from their heads like: supervisor, peers, staff members, co-workers and clients. 360-degree feedback or comes from multiple sources, as like an assessment or performance evaluation tool that collects feedback from all who examine and affected by an employee performance. Normally 7 to 12 people are there who fill out form that is a comment form. The content of the form depends on the wide range of companies’ environment from a wide range of competencies to the work environment. The employee who receives the feedback also fills a complete self-assessment form; this particular form consists of the various components. This system helps the company to obtain a better understanding of every one’s strength and weakness.

The 360 degree performance appraisal is a process, and it is little different from company to company. However, every company follows the similar plan. Next, company recognizes the 360 ​​review timeline and gives a thought on ​​how long each and every step can take within organization. To communication of the 360 ​​procedure to the reassessment of the participants, use this program to develop company implementation plan.

1) 360 Communication: As mentioned above, it is very critical to communicate the process to all interested parties. Employee has to communicate the purpose of the 360, explain the process and how the comments will be collected and used. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to communicate the procedure only in-person meetings like meetings with employees, supervisors, managers and evaluators.

2) Selection of evaluators: The selection of evaluators is one of the main steps of the 360 ​​feedback process. Participants should choose sufficient feedback providers to make sure that the data is complete and appropriate. The number of qualifiers included will depend on the job function and the employee’s labor relations. It takes 1 to 2 weeks to choose evaluators, including supervisors, direct reports, colleagues and perhaps outside clients.

3) Distribution of surveys: The use of a 360 online comment system allowsemployees to distribute the questionnaires speedily. Participants receive the notifications by email with instructions on how to initiate and complete the 360 ​​comment process. At this point of time, participants give the questionnaires to the selected evaluators. Majority of time is only to distribute the survey. It may take1 week to distribute the survey.

4) Complete the questionnaires: In whole of the process, the longest stage is this because it is continuous until participants do not fill the whole form or complete the review. The duration of this step totally depends on the number of evaluators, the employee’s job function and the organization. It is strongly suggested that company have to set the deadlines at the beginning of the process, to ensure that all evaluators have completed their survey in a particular time. Itrequires 2 to 4 weeks to complete the feedback.

5) Produce reports: When all the feedback is completed, then their questionnaires and all the private reports are generated. According to the committed delivery plan of the company, the reports are sent straightforwardly to the participants or the outcomes are given in a one by one comment session. The use of an online system will allow the rapid production of detailed reports of 360 comments, from 1 to 2 days.

6) Facilitation of comments: It is suggested to organize confidential comment meetings for each participant that undergo revision 360. Feedback can be given in these sessions by the employee’s manager or by a coach. These meetings allow a better thoughtful of the feedback report and a chance to talk about the strengths and areas for enhancement. Depending on the depth with which you want the comments sessions to be, each meeting can take 1 to 2 hours per participant.

7) Complete the development graph: The creation of the development plan for each participant in the review is the core of the process. The feedback is gained from the 360 ​​evaluation becomes the root of a practical development plan. Review areas for improvement will recognize key areas of development for the employee. This gives the chance to employees to improve their skills by using opportunities such as training, workshops, conferences, training, mentoring, etc.To complete the development plan will take 1-2 weeks.

8) Reassessment: It is essential to set up a 360 degree feedback in particular organization as a process and not as a single event. To do this, employees have to clearly communicate at the beginning of the process that subsequent revisions will be carried out each year. The specific objectives and opportunities were detailed in the development plan; it makes logic to verify the progress of these elements. The reevaluation of the participants allows you to see if there have been changes and also provides the opportunity to receive new comments. The re-evaluations should be made between 8 and 12 months after the first 360 review

Majority of organizations who focus on employee development use the 360-degree tool to judge the performance and potential of the staff and allow them to plot their career pathway based on feedback/How 360 degree performance appraisal focuses on various factors of employee? Organizations get 360-degree feedback on an employee before making an important decision about the career of the professional.Feedback always play an important role in very employees life because increments, and higher positions all depend on the feedback, so if the feedback of any employee is not upto the desire standards, then there is no chance of any kinds of increments or higher positions. The result of 360 degree feedback is used by the employee who receives the feedback to plan the training and growth. Some organizations also use the results to make administrative decisions, such as payment or promotion. The 360 ​​evaluation is for estimation purposes and it is called “360 degree review.” 360-degree feedback is the most complete evaluation where feedback on employee performance comes from all sources contacting the employee in their work. This method is used in MARUTHI SUZUKI Motors and HCL also.