Words are very powerful things. While attractive images on Facebook can attract the attention of people while they are scrolling through their posts, it is actually the ad copy that draws people in and holds their attention.

Attracting customers should always start at the top of the sales funnel and move down the funnel to conversion.

The top of the sales funnel

For your social marketing efforts to result in qualified leads or even sales generally take time. It isn’t realistic to expect immediate sales from your campaign.

You should focus your initial attention on building awareness around your brand, product or service rather than focusing on making immediate sales.

The aim at the top of the sales funnel is to grab the attention of your target audience and get them talking and sharing the word about your brand. Building awareness around your brand will help ensure that people think of your brand first when they need the products or services that you offer.

The middle of the funnel

Once customers start engaging with your brand, you can then move them along to the next phase of the funnel. When you get to this point in the sales funnel your focus should be on educating the customer on the benefits of your product or service.

Again, the focus here should not necessarily be on making a sale, but rather on moving the customer further down the funnel to the point of sale or conversion.

This point of the funnel should be about giving people reasons to interact with you by making them aware of how your products or services can help solve their problems.

The bottom of the funnel

Once you have built awareness around your brand and convinced your customers of the benefits of your products or services, you can then take them to the bottom of the sales funnel where you can finally make your sale.

At this point of the process your ad copy can take a direct sales pitch approach. Focus your attention on the benefits and USP’S of what you have to offer, but don’t make the mistake of trying to oversell yourself.

Always make sure that you are honest and genuine in your sales pitch. Consider sharing customer testimonials to prove that what you are offering is in fact a good decision and what you are promising.

Going beyond the sales funnel

Don’t make the mistake of halting your efforts as soon as you reach the bottom of the sales funnel. At this point you need to go beyond the sales funnel and retarget those customers that didn’t complete a sale with you.

Continuously communicate the benefits of your products and services and how they can help solve the customers problems.

Creating effective Facebook ad copy

The main goal when creating ads for Facebook is to use visuals that attract attention, coupled with a catchy headline so that people will stop and have a look at your ad. Round this all off with interesting and attractive ad copy that compels the viewer to act immediately.

Helpful tips to consider

Effective storytelling should be emotionally engaging for people. You can approach the storytelling aspect by creating a fictional character that people can relate to and empathise with.

The aim of developing a character who shares personal attributes and experiences with your audience is to appeal to the innate emotions of your target audience in such a way that they see themselves in the story. By prompting your audience to live through this character helps them to visualise how your product or service can positively impact their own lives.

When it comes to writing good ad copy, the trick is to write the content and keep rewriting it until the story feels complete. It needs to speak to the right audience.

Once you are sure that you have perfected your story, create different versions of it, both long and short, and then test these different versions on different platforms and with different audiences to see which one performs the best.

You will need to test these ads over a long period of time so that you can develop a clear picture of which ads are performing well and which aren’t, and whether these ads are accomplishing your goals.

Available resources

There are a number of different resources that you can look into to help you with your Facebook ad copy. Hemingway Editor is one such tool that can help you fix your writing by giving you a readability score and feedback on your writing. Natural Reader is another tool worth looking into that is a text-to-speech software that lets you listen to the way your words come together. Research the different options available to you until you find the tools that work for you and your needs.