Ryan Grigson – Football Passion

If you have been asking yourself and others who Ryan Grigson is then you have stumbled upon the answer. Read on to find more about who he is, his professional life, and how he has moved up the ladder of success.

Ryan Grigson was born on February 23, 1972. He is known as the former executive of the American football. He also worked with Indianapolis Colts as the General Manager.

During his early life in college, he played football. Purdue Boilermakers enjoyed his services as an offensive tackler. Due to his excellent work, he won the 1995 sixth-round NFL draft, which was conducted by Cincinnati Bengals. The same year he joined Detroit Lions where he gained membership to the year 1996. His excellent work came to an end in, 1997 when retired due to a back injury, which he suffered while playing for Toronto Argonauts.

Apart from being a good player, Ryan was scout-in short a Saskatchewan Roughriders pro scout. He has worked as an assistant coach for both Buffalo Destroyers and McPherson College where he helped the success of the teams. He was also named a personnel coordinator of the Buffalo Destroyers in, 1999.

Since 1999, his career life has been improving significantly. For instance, he was the regional and national scout working with St. Louis Rams from 1999-2003. The Eagles also employed him in 2004 and made him a scout for the western region. After two years he was promoted and appointed as the director of scouting in Collages. Later he was made the director of personnel before being employed by the Colts.

His stay at the Colts showed steady improvement. When he took over, he attained an 11-5 record, which brought the Colts back to the NFL playoffs. Due to his effort, the win made by the Colts at that time was recorded as the most prominent improvement ever made in history. His excellent work earned him two awards that year – one from the Sporting News and the other from the Pro Football Weekly. Many awards followed him as he kept on improving. He was very keen on what he did.

During his third year with the Colts, Ryan helped them in beating the Denver Broncos thus, qualifying for AFA games Championship. They were going to pay the New England Patriots. As mentioned earlier, he was very keen on what he does and on that day he asked the officials from NFL to do some checking on Patriots balls. The audit led to the Deflategate scandal.

During that game, they lost 45-7, but that was contributed by significant injuries.  Due to the effort made by Ryan Grigson, the Colts managed to set amazing records of winning and streaking in all divisions. The record, which is still recognized, is the one recorded when the Houston Texans were beaten. It overturned the previous record, which was made by the Miami Dolphins. His excellent work with the Colts lead to his contract extension up to 2019. His career in the sports industry will still be shining, and we hope that Ryan Grigson will continue to lead the Colts to higher heights.