Ronald Blum

Ronald Blum is a New York native, who built his love for sports into a career. He constructed his career around his passions and works as a sports writer for the Associated Press. The Associated Press is an independent, not – for – profit news cooperative located in New York. They have teams all over the world, in different countries to provide first hand world news. The Associated Press has 263 locations world wide, to ensure more then half the world receives real, raw, and important news. Their stories get provided to over 15,000 news outlets which allow a large coverage of every topic possible. The Associated Press has offered breaking news coverage for over 170 years, this making them a reputable news source since 1867. Ronald Blum covers the sports aspects of everything, whether its wins, losses, controversies and everything else sports related.

Ronald Blum often visits Yankee stadium as part of his work efforts. Although Yankees Stadium is home to the Major League Baseball team New York Yankees it often hosts other sporting and non-sporting events. Yankees Stadium was rebuilt and opened once again for operation in 2009, allowing more space for spectators of sports. Even though the stadium is known as a baseball stadium, it hosts many events besides baseball. It often hosts concerts, college football games, NHL hockey games, boxing matches, and MLS (Major League Soccer) games. All of these provide Ronald Blum with first hand views for his Associated Press articles. Offering other sporting fans an insight into the game off the field. Ronald Blum often sits along the sidelines of many sporting events to give the most in depth sports stories to fans. Not only does he comment on the same game most fans watch along with him. He makes sure the details leading up to the game, from field grounds to lighting, crowds and weather conditions. Providing a more personal feel to his readers.

Ronald Blum has been excelling with his sports writing career since 1986, his 32 years in sports writing has given him astounding press acknowledgement. Some of his writing has been seen in featuring news outlets. Such as Yahoo, ABC News, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Times Magazine, Toronto Star, and many, many more. Ronald Blum’s career is attributed to his forth coming writings that cover all aspects of sports relations. He often writes about the in-depth sports teams and provides such clear information to readers. He offers litigation rumors, trade rumors, injuries and so much more with an ease of understanding for the reader. It’s safe to say that Ronald Blum has accomplished his dreams, sitting along the sidelines with some of the worlds biggest hitters. And getting to write for the Ronald Blum Associated Press and many other media platforms is a home run, right out of the park.