Legal Services Which You’ll Be Able To Provide As An Attorney According To Ron Oze

If you’re fascinated by the legal system and are curious about some of the services which you’ll be able to provide as a qualified attorney, practicing in New York, Ron Ozer believes simply continue reading to discover a variety of common legal services.

Legal services which you’ll be able to provide individuals as an attorney:

1. Family law related services

An attorney you may choose to specialize as a family attorney, which means that you’ll be able to offer professional legal help to parents who wish to seek child support from their former partners. As unfortunately, some parents try to avoid paying child support, in order to provide for their offspring. As an attorney who specializes in family law, you’ll be able to ensure that parents don’t get away with avoiding paying their scheduled child support payments.

As well as helping single parents claim the child support which they are legally due, you can also assist parents in filing for legal custody of their children. In the event that a parent has reason to doubt their ex-partners ability to adequately care for their children and wish to file for sole custody of any children which they may share.

2. Hedgefund related services

Another service which you’ll be able to provide as an attorney is hedgefund related services. If you’re curious as to how you’ll be able to help groups start up legal hedgefunds, in order to invest their funds as efficiently as possible, as an attorney you’ll be able to make sure that each hedgefund meets it’s legal obligations. As an example, you’ll ensure that any profit which a hedgefund makes, is taxed.

3. Criminal law related services

Alternatively, you may be interested in specializing as a criminal lawyer. As a criminal lawyer, your main priority will be to assist individuals in fighting any allegations which may have been made against them. Examples of which may include DUI charges and misdemeanor charges.

One of the highlights of working as a criminal lawyer is having the opportunity to legally represent clients who you believe are innocent and have been wrongfully accused of committing crimes, which they didn’t commit.

4. Prenuptial agreements

Another service which you’ll be able to handle as an attorney is the preparation of legally binding prenuptial agreements. Which will help protect the assets which individuals accumulate before their wedding day, in the case of a divorce.

As without a prenuptial agreement in place, individuals who accumulated a large amount of wealth before their marriage may end up losing half of all of their assets. Examples of which include any property which they may have acquired before their marriage as well as any cash or shares, which they may have accumulated.

So if you are interested in training as an attorney, in order to provide individuals with some of the legal services listed above, it’s definitely well worth sending off an email to a college which specializes in teaching law, to request further information. As there is a huge demand for legal services in New York!