How To Be Classy Behind The Wheels


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There used to be a time when owning a personal vehicle was considered a luxury but in the modern era, it has become a necessity for almost every working individual. Not just that, it is not only a weekend convenience for families but has also emerged as their reliable companion at times of emergency. But, we are perfectly aware of the fact that there exists a price for every comfort; and the same is the case when it comes to maintaining or improving your car. For most folks, this practice can be very frustrating and draining. The reason could well be the vexing maintenance costs and the constant inflation in fuel and parts’ prices.

In order to improve the overall performance of your car, several aspects must be taken into account, such as fuel consumption, engine flow, acceleration pickup, iFi iDSD Black Label, and transmissions. Unless all these elements are working with maximum efficiency, a car aficionado can never be at peace.

To boost the engine power, your car must have an efficient combustion unit and delicate synchronization of air and fuel. This is because the fuel alone is never responsible for galloping horses but it is the adequate combo of every mechanical component that results in a pristine performance of the car.

Today, one may find a range of engine modulations available in the automobile arena, some may prefer the new eco-friendly electric friendly cars while others might want their car’s engine to roar on high octane fuel. But, no matter how distinctively these cars are powered, they still have plenty in common when it comes to maintenance, upgrades, and enhanced performance.

In this article, we have shortlisted vital tips to improve the performance of your car with highly cost-effective measures.

Put Pedal to Metal

When wanting to improve your car, the first and foremost facet that must be attended to is the reduction of weight on the engine. Lesser the force pressing the engine, easier the functionality of suspensions and lesser the inertia to beat. This combined phenomenon not only enhances the longevity of the engine but also protects other parts from fast impairment.

Therefore, to improve the performance of your car you must consider removing some extra weight. Weight reduction does not always depend on replacing parts with expensive carbon fiber. Rather, the smart choice of seats and removing unneeded heavy tools can clutter down the weight of your car. Less weight means your engine would need lesser power to overcome inertia and increase its acceleration abilities.

Evaluate Piston Performance Regularly

Generally, an engine function in this way: a vacuum is generated in the engine by the downward movement of pistons, which allows atmospheric pressure to enter the combustion unit. This is where oxygen meets fuel, forming a unit of energy. This results in the production of Kinetic Energy (the energy possessed by virtue of motion); in-vehicle terminology the K. E. is referred to as Horsepower, all credit to the ignition produced from the spark plug.

In the mechanism discussed above, one may observe the critical role of pistons and how they function as a fundamental component in ensuring the overall performance of the engine. Therefore, it is highly important to make sure that the engine pistons are in perfect shape, performing to their maximum capability.

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of pistons is by increasing the compression ratio and using top quality engine oil.

It is because the compression ratio is directly proportional to the production of power, up to a certain limit. The explanation to this is simple as the air and fuel mixture is compressed, better the process of combustion takes place in the shape of flames, thus producing more power efficiently.

Get High Endurance, Better Grip Tires

Any car enthusiast would know the value of high-quality tires when it comes to improving the car’s performance. Not only they are integral in acceleration and turn but with their grips, they also ensure the safety of your car by coupling up with the brakes. Also, tires with minimal rolling resistance are smoother in the spin that accounts for saving more fuel. Moreover, the modern design of tires offers more reliability with almost no performance liability as compared to the previous LRR versions.

You might have to ignore high mileage tires for faster and softer rubber wearing tires. If you want to augment the performance of your car then you must never compromise of better quality tires against something that might last long but at the cost of performance.

For those who live in colder regions might know the value of good quality snow tires to deal with dicey and slippery surfaces covered with ice. These tires are manufactured with pliable materials that offer high endurance even in freezing temperatures. Snowy winters are dangerous for drivers and dealing with icy surfaces can be a tricky business, therefore, it is highly recommended to use Bridgestone Blizzak WS80, Michelin X-Ice X13 or Yokohama BluEarth Winter tires.

Replace Air Filter Frequently 

At least one in three car owners are guilty of ignoring the air filters. People forget the importance of air filters in improving the performance of engine and fuel mileage, altering the air filter could certainly be one of the most convenient and easily doable practices to improve the performance of your car. The reason for this is very straight forward. For example, if you own a vacuum cleaner you know it very well that the powerful suction machine can eventually choke due to the obstruction by dust particles and debris. Regularly cleaning the filter and replacing it after a certain time period not only enhances the suction efficiency of the machine but also increases its life.

Similarly, replacing the air filter of your car is equally important and needs to be replaced after a while. This way you will have better gas mileage and improved overall engine efficiency by amplifying its ability to remove more impurities without any difficulty. It is important because once the air filter of your car is clogged with dust and other impurities then ultimately your car’s engine will have to make double efforts to draw oxygen to mix with the fuel. This process will increase the fuel consumption of the engine and reduce fuel mileage and engine efficiency. The moment you have replaced a worn-out car air filter, you will notice incredible improvements in your car’s performance with this small and instant fix.

Upgrade Sway Bar & Replace Long Shifter

The best remedy to protect the geometry of your car’s suspension is to use hard quality polyurethane bushings. This will not only improve the overall handling of your vehicle but will also maintain the correct alignment. Replacing bushing is a bit sophisticated task and requires professional handling and special tools except the sway bars which are held together by a couple of bolts and removing is not a challenge.

Another handy to reduce the body roll is to use thicker bars that will maintain flat corners in your car; also their installation is not cumbersome either.

Another pro tip that neither requires any special expertise nor costs your pocket but improves your overall driving experience, is the installation of smaller shifts. The speed of your gear shifting depends mainly by length of the moment arm; therefore, the shorter the length, smoother the shift. The shift length is pivotal in optimizing the mechanical advantage and bringing confidence to your drive. The short shifters take your driving readiness up a notch and assist you in focusing on the car’s speed much better.

You will find several designs and grips in shifters, you may install something that suits you the best.

Improve Your Driving Experience by Installing High-Quality Speakers

Improving your car experience is not only about its engine and suspensions but also the ambiance inside matters a lot. And, one of the key features that enable you to enjoy your drive is the audio machine installed inside your car.

One of the easiest ways to improve the audio quality of your car is to replace the factory-installed speakers with high definition sound units. When you have decided to replace the speakers not to forget the new ones to conform to the dimensions of the previously installed units. Once you have taken care of the length and breadth of the units, what remains next is merely a plug and play the job.

Furthermore, if your car has seen a lot of roads then there is a considerable chance that the speakers have worn-out with time and they need to be replaced at utmost priority.

Avoid Prolonged Idling

Idling your car is equivalent to leaving it in the devil’s workshop. The more you idle your car, the faster it burns gas. So if you are waiting for someone whilst running the engine of your car then you are approximately burning a liter per null kilometers.

The solution to this is very simple, just switch off the engine while idle or get the latest start-stop function incorporated in your car’s system.

If you are good at math, then you can easily know that you are burning approximately 10 – 20 ounces for every 10 minutes waiting. Also, you should not rev up to warm the engine of your car in chilly mornings, this way you are burning more gas than you do while driving it. So it is always better to leave the engine running for around 30 seconds after starting it and then roll-off.

The Final Word

A car connoisseur is well aware that owning a car is no less than nurturing a pet. Your car is the best companion in every journey, adventure, emergency or a simple commute, it deserves an equally just and caring treatment. From engine to the ambiance of its interior, your car symbolizes your personality traits and represents you in your absence. This is why one may never hesitate in his responsibility to regularly improve and upgrade the features of his personal car, without any remorse over what he spends for the cause. In fact, the cost of maintaining the car is the investment for his comfort and convenience in the long-run!