Dock Square Parking Garage – Getting The Basics Right

Two of the biggest challenges for anyone who drives to work here in Boston,MA are the traffic which we must fight though each day, and then the parking situation. Whilst there is nothing that I can do to prevent the traffic, searching for a parking garage is something which I have dedicated a lot of time to. Now there are quite a number of parking garages around Boston, MA, but the majority simply don’t deliver. After much searching I found the wonderful Dock Square parking garage, a parking spot which just gets things right were others don’t, and here is how. 


One of the absolute basics which a parking garage should be able to provide you with is security, a place where you can leave your car, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to it in terms of any kind of damage or even theft. I have heard numerous reports from friends and colleagues who park in other garages in Boston, MA, which involve cars being scratched, broken into and in some cases, even stolen. This is something that Dock Square garage ensures doesn’t happen and that is why I feel so safe leaving my car there.  


There are many who run garages in the city who try to cram in as many cars as possible to their garage, which results in people being blocked in and of course increases the risk of damage to the vehicles. Dock Square are not greedy like many are and they have ample space in their garage for all sizes of cars, with plenty of space between each vehicle.

Customer Service

I’ll be completely honest and say that customer service is rarely something that I would look for in a parking garage but it is very nice when it comes your way. I park in the garage each day so of course the guys have gotten to know me a little bit, enough that they will stop and ask how I am or how my day was. This is such a nice detail and one which makes me feel very happy about leaving my car in their charge.


Here in Boston, MA there are a number of garages who don’t really have much competition and as a result of this little monopoly that they have, they think that this gives them the right to charge extortionate prices. Here at Dock Square however they have a genuine understanding for how much they should charge and I like that long stay customers like myself pay a little less per hour than short stay. Recently they have launched something of a loyalty scheme where you get a discount on every tenth stay with them.

This is a garage which isn’t only well priced and secure, but one which is very well located, very well managed and somewhere that you can feel completely confident about leaving your car there all day.

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