4 Benefits to Running Corporate Events

Did you know that the meetings industry directly supports approximately 2.5 million jobs in the US? It also indirectly supports a further 1.5 million jobs and induces 1.9 million jobs across all sectors, which means that organizing meetings is not only useful for your company but your country, too.

Running corporate events can strengthen brand loyalty, employee loyalty, interpersonal relationships, and ensure that your company is in a great place to win new clients and close deals and sales.

Events come in many different forms, from events for employees – like retreats and recreational activities – to events for potential clients and customers, such as conferences, festivals, meetings, and seminars.

Running successful events can form a vital part of your business’s communication strategy, providing a chance for you to show off your excellent product or service to win external favors and turn your employees into fans.

Here are some of the benefits you may reap when you run a successful company event.

Show you care about the details

A great corporate event helps you build connections with your potential clients and customers, as well as develop interpersonal relationships with your staff. You can show that your company thinks about the little things that make a big difference, things like excellent and consistent decoration throughout, hiring professionals such as those at Event Bartenders to serve specialty drinks, security staff to look after valuables and keep everyone safe, and a well-chosen venue that matches the theme and has good transport links.

It’s these little details that will leave a lasting impression not only of your event but of your company, too.

Boosting communication and building relationships

A well-planned and well-executed event will help to build and foster relationships, both with staff and with your potential customers and clients.

Your employees will benefit too, as seeing their colleagues out of their usual context helps to humanize them, which is a powerful tool in building excellent teams.

Motivation Matters

As well as building great connections and strengthening interpersonal relationships, a great corporate event will get people motivated about your business and about your products or services.

It’s estimated that approximately 5,000 people attend Google’s annual developer conference, the Google I/O, with many millions more streaming it across YouTube, Facebook, and other live streaming services. Events like these help to boost fans’ desire for the products and investors’ interest in the company, and, of course, it gives employees an enormous sense of wellbeing and pride to see their company doing such an excellent job of communicating.

Corporate events are good for business

Of course, employee motivation and interpersonal relationships are vital in today’s working world, but the bottom line for any business is that if sales are not made, money will not come in, and the business will have to close its doors. When looking at a marketing sales funnel, we see that the top tier is always awareness, but right before sales comes some kind of connection. In-person connections are always going to be better than purely digital ones, and a successful event will do the work of making those connections and fostering growth.

There you have it: four benefits of running corporate events. Get planning!