Personal Finance Hacks to Organise Your Money

You do not have to keep your money in a bank. Not all banks are going to act in your best interest. Banks are looking out for them(for the most part). Some of the privately-owned banks do have your best interest at heart(no pun intended).

Those of you who do not trust banks(especially the big ones) do have other options. Below you will find a list of about six options that you can look to for protecting your money.

  1. Gold Stackers is the first option you should know about. This company works with you to find investments in precious metals and other gold options. You get competitive pricing. You don’t have to worry with others trying to make money off of your investment also. That is your money.
  2. Real estate is the second one to talk about. Now, this option is not for everyone. You do have to have some equity to be able to invest. You also have to invest properly. Not all real estate is legitimate and worthwhile. Some properties are not going to give you a return on the investment. You will wind up losing money before you make money.

Most real estate investments( if you decide to do that) will bring you 10%(at most) in the next 20 years. Some properties will yield more, but that is just a general breakdown.

We also suggest that you wait until the COVID pandemic is over before you choose this route. Now, you do run across someone willing to sell their property to the point where they accept a low-ball offer, but you cannot begin this journey expecting that.

You must also consult with a real estate investor to make sure your money is going to be safe.

  1. Precious metals are gaining momentum. That is why the Gold company is mentioned above. They work with others to achieve their full financial potential. The investments do not decrease over time(for the most part).
  2. Some people have resorted to hoarding cash. Now, we do not necessarily condone the behaviour (due to the safety issue), but people feel more comfortable knowing the money is close by. Those who are going to do that should invest in a safety deposit box. The days of hiding money under the mattress are over.

What if you get robbed? That could be your entire life-savings. Invest in a safety deposit box if you hide money.

  1. There is something called cryptocurrency. You probably already know the most famous option, Bitcoin. That is a personal choice. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, according to many analysts. You should, however, not invest money you will need shortly.

Cryptocurrency is a good choice, but it can be a very high risk at times. Analysts suggest that you wait until you have some money to spare before you invest.

  1. Have you ever heard of luxury assets(also known as tangible assets)? This option is for those who like to collect. Collecting is a great way to hide your money in something valuable. Plus, the value does tend to increase once the artist or producer dies.

Make sure you invest wisely, though. Most collectors do not buy everything that an artist puts out. They look for rare and specialty items to invest in. Investing and collecting is a combination of monetary and emotional value. The rarer the piece, the more it is worth it.