5 Things You Can Do With Your Toddler This Summer

With summer off to a sweltering start, many parents are looking for new ways to stay cool, stay safe, and keep their children entertained. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for you, your toddler, and the rest of the family to enjoy. Slather on some sunscreen and get ready for some summertime fun!

Cool Off

Swimming lessons are a summertime staple, but they aren’t the only way that you and your toddler can beat the heat at the peak of summertime. Consider adding a small pool to your own backyard if possible—even a plastic baby pool counts—or adding some sprinklers for some aquatic fun. Of course, be sure to supervise your child whenever they’re in the water and monitor the water temperature if it starts to get warm. No room for water-based fun outdoors? Try a cool bath or even some toys in the kitchen sink for some wet and not-so-wild fun.

Experience Some Nature


It’s no secret that small children love animals. Plan a visit to a place like Lake Tobias, a wildlife park, and petting zoo in Halifax, PA. Lake Tobias offers a drive-through safari tour and the chance to introduce your child to alpacas, pygmy goats, camels, sloths, and more. You can even add to the experience with a stop at their gift shop to bring home something special to commemorate your day of fun. If a trip like this isn’t an option, consider going for a nature walk in a nearby park or even learning about your son or daughter’s favorite toy animals.

Squeeze In Some Extra Education


School doesn’t need to be in session for your kids to be learning, and the same is true for preschoolers. In fact, taking advantage of educational activities with your child will allow them to take advantage of this critically formative time. Find fun ways to practice numbers, shapes, words, and letters through games and other entertaining activities. They just might thank you someday when they’re ahead of their peers.

Explore Your Neighborhood


You live there, but how well do you know the area around your home? If you live in a city or large town, try a Google or Pinterest search for “things to do in [insert place name here].” You may be surprised by what’s available nearby. If you’re living in a more remote location or somewhere without many attractions or activities, you don’t need to fret. Something as simple as a walk around your neighborhood can give you something to do on a sunny summer Saturday.

Grab some bottles of water and some SPF and hit the pavement. If you’re planning to stay out for a while, make sure you have a good stroller at the ready—no matter how energetic your kiddo seems at the start of your excursion, they’re bound to need a break, and even more so if it starts to rain or the temperature creeps up. StrollerBuzz.com offers reviews for nearly every make and model you could want to help you find the perfect stroller for your afternoon stroll.

Spend Some Quality Time Together


No matter how you choose to spend your time, the sheer fact that you’re taking time to spend with your toddler will make a significant difference. As they grow up, they might not remember every walk taken, animal petted, or sprinkler ran through—but they’re sure to remember how much they loved spending time with their parent.

However you choose to entertain your toddler and yourself this summer, be sure to stay cool, stay safe, and, most importantly, enjoy! Your little one will be growing up before you know it, so make the most of the time you have to spend with them right now, whatever you’re doing with it.