7 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Eco-Friendly

Going green in every aspect of your life is easier than you might think. You can even start an eco-friendly wardrobe approach to your lifestyle. Keep these seven ways in mind to make your wardrobe eco-friendlier and more sustainable throughout your life. You will soon find that your wardrobe is better than ever!

Reusable Bags

When it comes to being sustainable and eco-friendly, consider using printed bags for your purse or carrying items around instead of larger leather bags. These bags can offer you a sturdy, adorable design to carry a variety of items with you wherever you go.

Streamline What’s In Your Closet

Take time to really take stock of what is in your closet. Consider busting it down into piles of what you wear, what you might wear, what you hate, and items that you want to fit better than they do. Only put the items in your closet that you love or know you’ll wear soon. After a few weeks, take stock of the other types of clothing that you hate or don’t wear often and see how you feel. If you’re still not a fan, then consider giving these items away or donating to a local thrift shop.

Fix What’s Broken

Learn how to mend the clothing items you love that need a little TLC. Don’t simply throughout your favorite items because a button was lost, or a seam was loosened. You can easily fix the items you have and keep them around for years to come. Learning to mend your own clothing will help you to maximize your purchases.

Know Your Brands

Know the eco-friendly brands before you go shopping. It is important that you buy clothing items that fit your lifestyle from brands that are conscious of their production efforts. There are many great brands out there that can help you look great while feeling great about the impact you’re having on the environment around you.

Quality Over Quantity

Also, know that it is more about the quality of the item rather than having quantity. Yes, find those brands that are eco-friendly. However, be mindful of your purchasing decisions. Don’t go buy a bunch of t-shirts simply because the brand is good.

Thrift Stores

Consider hitting up your local thrift stores for gently worn clothing. This can help you find great buys without breaking the bank or adding unnecessarily to your current wardrobe. Thrift stores are great places for you to donate and to purchase new items.

Be Intentional

Be mindful of what you’re spending and be intentional about your purchases for your wardrobe. Again,

don’t buy items just because you like the brand. Be sure you have a reason for the purchase before going out shopping. Have a reason in mind when you go shopping for clothing items, whether it is shoes, shirts, dresses, or a new suit.

These are seven ways you can help take your wardrobe into the eco-friendly zone as the rest of your lifestyle is. Be sure you keep these in mind before you go shopping.