3 Ways to Prepare for Life’s Biggest Milestones

Life is full of special moments. Whether it’s graduating from college, buying your first house, or finally hitting retirement, there are plenty of milestones to look forward to. Some of these important moments hit us by surprise, while we spend years anticipating others.

So how are you preparing for life’s biggest milestones? Your accomplishments deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed. The more prepared you are, the sweeter the victory can feel. After all, it’s rare for a couple to have a baby without preparing the nursery or reading a few parenting books. Or for an individual to retire without any funds set aside. Or can you imagine finally getting your driver’s license without ever sitting behind the wheel of a car? Preparation leads to success, peace, and happiness. Let’s examine the three biggest areas in which you can prepare for major life milestones.


Perhaps the most obvious area to prepare is with your finances. In the modern economy, everything revolves around money. And the better you manage your finances, the more security you’ll have to achieve those big life milestones. Going to college, starting a family, buying a house, traveling the world, and settling into retirement all take a certain level of financial planning to achieve.

Hindrances like debt and poor credit should never stop you from making your dreams a reality. In order to prepare for your future, you’ll want to conquer your present. Work to implement a budget where you can pay off debt and start saving for the big things. Having an emergency fund or “rainy day fund” for any unexpected expenses means you don’t have to give up on the big things like college or a new car just because of an accident. Also, remember that your assets can also increase your net worth. So maybe consider paying into a mortgage rather than paying rent. If you can eventually own your home, your estate will be worth much more. For further questions about your finances, consider consulting a financial planner.

There are some milestones to financially plan for that you may not experience. One of these is your death. End of life expenses can be substantial, especially if you require intense medical care. Programs for viatical settlements may be an option to explore. The viatical settlement definition refers to the selling of one’s life insurance policy to a viatical settlement provider in exchange for a lump sum of money. Even though this will be less than your life insurance policy, you as the policyholder will get an immediate payout to cover current expenses. This can help take the burden of medical or end of life expenses from your family.


Everyone knows that the best way to prepare for anything is to educate yourself. While life often throws curveballs, there are moments you can research and prepare for. For example, choosing a college requires research to find the best fit for you. Without properly vetting your options, you may end up somewhere that you don’t enjoy and your experience will be sub-par.

There’s plenty of research to be done when it comes to starting a family. This milestone comes with a lot of responsibilities to keep mother and child healthy. If you have health concerns, consult your doctor to ensure they aren’t passed on to your child. One way of doing this is through gender selection IVF. In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps couples who struggle with infertility conceive a child. It involves lab assistance to create an embryo that is then implanted inside the uterus. Through new technologies, fertility specialists can run a genetic screening to choose the sex of your child. This can help guarantee that hereditary illnesses that appear only in certain genders won’t be an issue for your future child.


Life milestones are usually exciting and happy moments, but they can also change your life and set it on a new course. One of the best ways to prepare for that is to ready your mindset. If you’re moving away from home for the first time, you’ll want to mentally prepare for what that will feel like. Whenever your life changes, there’s an adjustment period. Be prepared for that, so you can get through the initial readjustment period and find your happiness.