Things to Get Rid of in the Office to Reclaim Space

Cleaning the clutter in your office has several benefits. Some of them are having better focus, becoming more creative, and releasing stress. You may not have noticed that there are items that you no longer need that are still taking up space in the area. Here are some of the common office items that you need to dispose of but probably haven’t.

Old appliances

After replacing old appliances like a fridge, microwave, or coffee maker, some people still tend to keep the old ones even if they are no longer of use. Instead of letting them sit around and occupy space in the office, get rid of them, but make sure that you do the disposal right. These appliances may have materials that are toxic to the environment. Get the help of experts providing junk removal Miami services for proper and safe appliance disposal. They are trained to do this, and they also work with recycling companies so your waste will go to the right places.

Old equipment

Like old appliances, old equipment like computers, printers, and scanners that have already been replaced may still be sitting in your office. They add up to the clutter in your working space, so since they will no longer be used, make sure to get rid of them.

Filing cabinets

Most companies nowadays rely on their computers and the Internet to save their files. If you are one of these companies, you can now get rid of the printed documents that you have, which you already saved on your computer or your server. There may still be a few papers that you want to keep, but be sure to throw away those you no longer need. With only the important documents remaining, you can downsize your filing cabinets and get rid of the big, old ones that are no longer suitable for you. It will free up space in the office.

Broken eating utensils

If you have a designated kitchen area where employees eat, you probably have eating utensils like plates and glasses that they can use. There comes a time that you will need to replace them because they are chipped or broken. When this happens, the chipped and broken ones need to be tossed in the trash. There is no sense in keeping them in your storage when they will no longer be of use.

Old business cards

If you change any of your contact details, you also need to update your business cards, so they contain the updated information. There is no reason to keep your old business card since the details are no longer valid. Put them with the “to throw away” items on your list.

Old picture frames and decors

When you redecorated your office to give it a fresh look, you may have placed decors and picture frames somewhere and forgotten about them after a long time. If you know that there is no chance that you will use them again, dispose of them to declutter your office.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and more organized office by decluttering now. You will reclaim space that you forgot you had when unused and unwanted items were still there.



4 Reasons You Should Consider InventureX To Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Since 2012, InventureX has been at the forefront of the crowdfunding industry. To date, InventureX has worked to assist over 350 clients in launching their crowdfunding campaigns. Through this ability to get their clients campaigns launched and funded, InventureX has earned their reputation as the most endorsed crowdfunding agency in the field.

Two people looking at a screen

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The popularity of crowdfunding has become a popular, innovative tool in the production of new products, brands, and missions. With the rise of marketing platforms, InventureX has stayed at the forefront of communication technology. With this unique and varied experience, they know that they have the skills to communicate your brand to the right audiences.

With their experience helping companies gain exposure to fund their ventures, they’d like you to know the 4 reasons you should consider InventureX to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

1. Experience

The team at InventureX has worked to be the most experienced people in their industry. Through education, experience, and passion, the team at InventureX have become the top in their fields so that they can assist their clients in success. The names on our team have become ones that are significant in their industry through their successful ventures alone. Whether you’ve seen them on “Shark Tank”, heard of them in meetings, or learned of the advancements they’ve made in their industry, our team is comprised of “A-List” marketing experts that are here to work with you!

2. Passion

Success is just as much heart as it is head. While our team has worked hard to gain the proper technical skill to be top in their field, the root of their success is in the dedication that they have for their work. This passion is the fuel behind their pursuits that allows them to persist against every new challenge and concept.

3. Knowledge

While education and experience are pivotal, staying on top of advancements and new knowledge is equally important. In a field of constant development, InventureX’s team stays up to date with trends in the industry as to continue to stay on top of their field for their clients. Through this dedication to learning, you can rest assured that your brand will always be on top of the latest in the marketing industry.

4. Success

At the end of the day, InventureX’s success speaks for itself. As a leader in the field with over 350 clients and a success rate of over 86%, InventureX created and managed successful campaigns for their clients that see results. Despite having been in operation for less than a decade, InventureX has accumulated a network of clients happy with their work and the benefits they gained from it. This success is exactly why InventureX continues their work and why they’re thrilled to talk with you about your latest mission.

InventureX believes that your product is only as good as the marketing that goes behind it. With their real-life knowledge on how to get your brand in front of the right clients, they know that they can change the way you are funded. Why wait? Book your consultation with InventureX today.


Moving Your Business to a New Premises

There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to moving your business and making the right decisions. Switching to new premises is something you are going to need to make sure you think hard about, and you’ll need to ensure you plan in advance as well. There are so many different factors to keep in mind when you choose to move to new premises, and you should look to make the most of this.

Do as much as possible to make sure you look at the best ways of moving your business in an organized way. There are a lot of elements to think about when you are looking at how to do this, and it is important to make sure you factor this in. Here are some of the best ideas you can use to help you move your company in the best possible way, and find the right premises for you.

Choose Your New Premises

The first part of the process involves choosing your new business premises, and this means taking steps to find the right business premises. Consider what you need from your premises, and the boxes you want it to tick, and then you will be well set to choose the right option for you. Selecting the perfect business premises can make a massive difference to the future development and evolution of the company.

Think About What You’ll Need

You have to consider your needs as a business, and this is something that makes a massive difference to the way the company comes across. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and you won’t be able to form a decision until you know this. Knowing and understanding what you need is essential for being able to select the perfect premises and make the right move as a company.

Clear Out Your Old Offices

You also have to make sure you clear out your old offices in preparation for moving to your new ones. Now, there could well be things that you need to transport, but they might be large or valuable objects. There is a lot to consider here, and you need to make sure you look at the self storage options like Ezstorit so you’ve got somewhere to keep your products and items. This is something you need to make sure you get right as much as possible and it can really help you to make a big difference here.

These are some of the key things that you are going to need to make sure you get right when you are trying to move your business. This can be an important step in the process of trying to take the company forward and look to expand in the process. So, you are going to need to make sure you focus on doing as much as you can to get this right. Keep these ideas in mind moving forward, and you will have the best possible move you can get.

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Marketing eBook


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A great marketer knows how to snatch opportunities. eBooks were nothing but an electronic version of printed books, but marketers saw this as a big chance to give customers insights about brands and businesses. Now marketers are using eBooks to market around the world.

Can you recall downloading an eBook for a long flight? For you, it’s just a book to pass the time productively. To your surprise, marketers were able to promote their brand by giving some details. Believe it or not, eBooks are key to successful marketing for businesses.

It’s true; eBooks are not blogs, because a lot of time and planning is required for creating them. Here are seven things to keep in mind when creating a marketing eBook.

Pick a Topic and Style

Selecting a suitable topic for your eBook can be challenging because you need to keep that in line with your customers’ requirements. You have to offer them precisely what they’re looking for, and hence, it’s essential to dig up into some facts and research.

All you need to do is look for the things which are trending, open up twitter skim through the trending hashtags. Search for some keywords and, most importantly, look for the topics which have been shared the most. This is enough to give you a fair idea about what people are looking for.

Once you know your topic, you need to implement an engaging style in your eBook. Rather than making readers feel that they have been a target of promotions, your tone needs to be conversational. Make it sound like you’re talking to a friend. Above all, you need to make sure that the style of your eBook matches the theme of your brand, or else readers won’t feel any connection.

Offer Value to Customers

No one’s downloading your eBook if you’re telling them ‘How to lose weight in a month.’ Why do we say this? It’s because these are some basic things which one can find all around the internet. You need to offer them something more, exclusive which is not available out there!

Look for the topics which haven’t been discussed in detail or topics which the audiences want to be highlighted. Offering value can help you move one step forward in building trust with customers because customers feel a sense of belonging when you offer them something genuine and rare, that too, for free.

Avoid a Typical Design

Your eBook might have mesmerizing content and structure, but it’s going nowhere with a low-quality design. These days everything is about standards and class; you can publish your eBook easily by following these simple steps at and avoid going with conventional designs.

And you know what? You can design it yourself too! Just blend some bright colors, cool font, and attractive layout or just download a handy template from PowerPoint. But if you think it’s not your cup of tea, then there are designers offering some breath-taking designs at affordable rates. Let’s not forget to align the design with the theme of your brand.

Don’t Miss Out on Visuals

It’s past ages when people found it interesting to read plain text-based information. The busy life of the 20th century doesn’t allow people to read long paragraphs full of information; instead, they skim through it.

Hence, it’s more like your responsibility to make eBook look appealing and interesting. To achieve this, consider adding some pictures, infographics, charts, and tables to grab the attention of the audiences. The trick is to embed these visuals in a way so that they complement your content.

There’s no doubt that images can be helpful and promote understanding for the readers. Therefore, make sure that your images and visuals are serving their purpose well.

Choose an Appropriate Format

You know the drill, this is an era of smartphones, and hence, you need to offer audiences eBooks that are compatible with their smartphones. Sadly, not every eBook format is supported by every smartphone. So, how about you convert your eBook into a format which works for all?

Yes, you got it right; we are talking about PDF files. It’s one of the most common and old formats due to which everyone has access to it. Remember, you can edit and develop your eBook in Word or PowerPoint, but the reality is you can’t deliver it this way. Because of some obvious reasons like copying and editing.

Create a Landing Page

Do you know what a landing page is? If not, it’s a webpage, different from others, because it asks visitors for some details in return for a download. Basically, this is the page where visitors would be able to download your eBook. Sounds good?

Once you’re able to fetch some details and information from your visitors, the chances of lead generation also increase. But keep in mind, the landing page needs to be transparent and straightforward. Make it quick, because no visitor is likely to spend more than 10 minutes.

Don’t Forget to Promote

You can’t just walk away at the time of promotions. Keep in mind that without promotions, your eBook is going nowhere. Just think, would eBook of any use if people are not aware it exists. This is what marketing does; it tells people about your eBook, which makes it essential.

If you’re wondering how to promote, then you have got a number of options. Firstly, put it up on your website and blogs, seek guidance from social media. Moreover, you can also send emails to people who have subscribed to it. For effective and outstanding results, link it with social media posts because it would reach out to billions of people.


Creating marketing eBooks is an effective form of marketing but developing them isn’t a piece of cake. A lot of effort, time, and research goes into it. Therefore, it’s your right to get the most out of it. Rather than jumping and hurrying through it, you should consider these seven things when creating a marketing eBook. Once you know how it goes, you’re good to go!


Getting Started With Investments

To a lot of people reading thing ‘investments’ will be a word that’s connected to banks and financial advisers, and may as well be written in Latin for all it means to you. That’s because for years, we’ve accepted that investing is something that only millionaires or professional traders do. For the average person – especially a mother with young children to feed and a limited amount of disposable income – having enough money to invest in something and watch it grow is a pipe dream. is an online-investment based website that is dedicated to capturing every activity of the online forex, binary options industries including general online investments and other financial niches.

If we swapped the word ‘investments’ out for ‘savings,’ though, your perception would probably change. Having a savings account is something that we can all relate to. You probably even have one for the children (or one for yourself, so you can provide for your children at a later date). There may not be millions (or even thousands) of dollars in it, but it’s still there, and you still probably contribute to it whenever you can. If you do, then we have some news for you that might surprise you – if you can afford to save, you can probably afford to invest. Not only that, doing so may well get you a greater return than you’re currently seeing on your savings account.

The latter part of that statement wouldn’t be hard to achieve. If you have a regular savings account with your bank, you’ve probably already noticed that there isn’t much in there beyond whatever you’ve paid in yourself. Across most of the world, interest rates on savings accounts are at record lows, and have been for years. You’re putting in the hard work by sacrificing and making savings, but your money isn’t working as hard as you are. Choosing to go for investments rather than conventional savings may be the way to fix that problem.

If you have around $1000 saved up (and that’s a figure we’ve taken from Nasdaq themselves), you can get yourself started in the world of investments. Here are some things to consider if you think you’re ready to take the plunge.

Your Money Will Probably Get Locked Away

If you’re used to having a savings account, you’re probably also accustomed to dipping into it every now and then if you want to make a big purchase, or if you need to cover an expense. A little while later you’ll top the account back up again, and everything is fine. That isn’t an option you’ll have with the majority of investment vehicles. Once your money has entered into a scheme, there’s generally a period during which you can’t withdraw. That might be as short as one year. It might be as long as five years.

This isn’t done to spite you – locking away the money protects the integrity of the fund, and therefore helps it to achieve the best potential growth. When the no-withdrawal period is over, you can look forward to getting your money back – ideally with a healthy sum on top. It does mean you have to be doubly sure you can cope without the money in the meantime, though.

Get Rich Quick Schemes Are A Bad Idea

If you’re trying to choose what to invest in, and you’ve noticed a particular fund appears to have been growing faster than seemingly anything else in the past few months or years, you’ll probably be tempted to invest your money into it. This might not be a great idea. With rapidly-growing funds, one of two things is likely to be true. Option one is you’ve found the next Apple or Google. Option two is that the value of the fund is inflated, and it’s heading for a crash.

When you have more investing experience, you’ll likely be able to separate the two. When you’re new to it, you should avoid anything that’s fast and volatile like the plague. Wealthy investors are happy to take a punt on a skyrocketing fund, because they can afford to take the loss. When they do, they push the price up. If you can’t afford the loss, go for something a little more stable and reliable. If it works out well, you can always be more speculative with your profits next time around.

Values Go Up As Well As Down

The stock market goes up as well as down. Sometimes a fund will decrease in value for months on end, and then shoot up suddenly. That’s just the way it works. Until the time comes for you to withdraw your funds, try not to worry too much about how that fund is performing, and let time pass. Investing is a little like playing a mobile slots game. You’ve effectively gambled your money, and now you’re waiting for a win. In the meantime, every passing day is like a spin on that mobile slots game; it’s another chance to win, and make a profit. All mobile slots on gambling sites and their related casinos have a ‘return to player rate’ over time, which governs the likelihood of the player winning their money back, and so do most investments. Patience is a virtue. Market conditions one month may be wildly different from how they are the following month.

For your own peace of mind, it’s best not to perform daily or weekly checks on the performance of your investment portfolio. Look at it when it’s time to look at it. By that time, it should have had the chance to do what was expected of it when you put your money in.

Diversity Is Protection

If you’re internet savvy, you’re probably aware of the benefits of keeping your data backed up in more than one place. Doing so means that if your laptop dies or you accidentally delete something, you always have a copy of it elsewhere to restore whatever’s been lost. For exactly the same reason, you shouldn’t invest all of your money into the same fund at the same time.

Even with the best will in the world, the performance of some funds will be a disappointment. That disappointment won’t matter to you if you also had funds investment elsewhere, because the profit gained elsewhere will hopefully balance out the loss or poor performance you’ve experienced with any individual fund.

Always Speak To A Professional

Here’s the single most important thing for you to consider: You should never take your first steps into the investment market alone. ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ might have shown you a world of reckless, irresponsible stock traders, but in 2019 stock trading is a heavily regulated sector full of highly qualified professionals. They have a duty of care to you, and they’re obligated to tell you how everything works, and make sure you’re in full possession of the facts before you invest anywhere.

If you’re looking to invest money – whether it’s a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand – make sure you’ve spoken to a professional for personal, tailored advice before you swap out your savings for shares.

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The 5 Key Rules of Opening a Successful Restaurant

Have you been thinking about opening up your own restaurant? Many people dream of doing this one day, but few ever get around to actually doing it. The good news is that it is entirely possible for you to open a successful restaurant if you put your mind to it and you have the right funding.

In this article, we are going to tell you some of the key rules for opening a successful restaurant. Keep reading to find out more.

Secure The Funding First

Before you even think about opening a restaurant, you need to make sure that you have the right funding behind you. Restaurant loans are reasonably easy to come by as long as you apply for the right kind. Some of the most common types of restaurant loans include SBA loans and a business line of credit. Once you have the funding, you can use this to pay rent, invest in equipment and get your business on track.

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Know Your Concept

Do you realise just how many restaurants there are out there right now? Around 20% of restaurants fail within their first year of operation so you need to make sure that you are standing out. For this reason, our next rule is to know your concept. Are you opening a fast food restaurant or a gourmet one? A good way to achieve this is to hire a head chef and work with them to develop the concept before making any kind of decision.

Spend Money To Make Money

Sometimes, you need to spend money to make money and this is the case in the restaurant business. While you might want to save cash by buying cheaper ingredients, this is going to affect your customer’s perception of your business. You will also need to spend money on hiring quality staff and value them in order to make your business a success.

Market Your Business

In 2019, marketing is key with social media being one of the most important tools that you can find. If you want to open a successful restaurant, you need to make sure that you are marketing your business in the most effective way. Create a logo, start some social channels and advertise online. Make your restaurant look more professional and established by launching a website.

Be Memorable

Our final rule of opening a successful restaurant is to be as memorable as possible. If you can find a way to stand out, then you will find that you are successful. You should always have a launch party and invite influential people along to spread the word of your new business. Think about offering special services, selling more than just meals, offering childcare during meals – whatever you can do to stand out. Always offer excellent customer service and this will take you far.

Final Thoughts

Follow these key rules if you want to make sure that your restaurant opening is as successful as possible. This way, your business will be booming, and you will be happy with the result.


Best Job-Hunting States In The U.S. 2019

Though the United States has a national unemployment rate lower than it has been in the past half century, there are still some states which present a better opportunity for employment than others. For some, relocating can be solely based on where the best job opportunities are found.

If you’re one of the many Americans looking for a fresh start this year, take the time to do the research. Federal laws protect against blatent discrimination from employers, so you can find a job even if you’re weird. Check out a few of the most promising states for a new job in 2019, and make an educated decision on where you might go next.


Colorado has a booming job market, and they don’t have enough people to fill the void. The state is still rapidly expanding their job market, especially with the new legalization of marijuana.

You can find a job in nearly every industry in the Centennial State. From tech to customer service, to farming, the state of Colorado has a position for you to fill.

New Hampshire

The national unemployment rate hovers around 3.5 percent right now. The unemployment rate in New Hampshire is only 2.5 percent for 2019. Some of the top employers in the small state include Fidelity Investments and Concord Hospital.


Tech professionals will find a welcoming home in the workforce of Washington state. Silicon Valley has simply become far too expensive for most people to sustain, and the tech community of Puget Sound is rapidly growing.


As always, the economy of Texas is booming. The Lone Star State has always had its own way, and now that oil prices are back up, there’s no stopping the Texan economy. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty doing some hard work, the Texas job force will take care of your financial woes.


Nebraska has an excellent unemployment rate as well at 2.8 percent this year. The workforce of Nebraska is also surprisingly balanced between men and women.


Vegas is in a phase of new construction, which means lots of new job opportunities in Nevada. The state added more than 35,000 jobs over the past year, and is expected to continue adding this year. There’s also a Tesla factory just outside of Reno which provides 10,000 job opportunities for the local community.


Utah added more than 50,000 jobs to their workforce over the past year, and the majority of the expansion was thanks to Wasatch Front. Wasatch Front is Utah’s version of Silicon Valley, and it’s a great place for tech professionals to get their career started.

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Reasons to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram Business profile allows you to access more features on Instagram that helps brands reach and be reached by customers. Anyone could easily convert their personal Instagram profile to a business profile too. Doing so will also allow you to save a lot of time on Instagram marketing every week since the platform now offers Instagram post scheduling. Check out more reasons to switch to an Instagram Business profile below.


Schedule Instagram Post

If you have Instagram Business profile, you are now able to schedule Instagram post. Traditionally, scheduling a post on Instagram is just like setting an alarm. You will still do the posting when you receive a reminder or notification from the app when the time you set to post is approaching.

Today, scheduling an Instagram post is just a matter of clicks away. Afterward, you don’t have to do anything, Instagram will automatically publish your post in the platform without reminders, push notifications, or alarms.

Track Performance Using Instagram Insights

Working with Instagram marketing is much better if you have a clearer perspective of what strategies are working and what is not. Good thing Instagram has its own analytics also known as Instagram Insights that allow brands to track performance.

A well-planned strategy saves a lot of effort and time and it strengthens the potential of a brand to grow and reach its goal. This is why Instagram Insights comes handy since it provides clear information about when your followers are most active, who they are, and a whole lot more.

To measure your Instagram marketing effort’s impact, utilize the most common performance metrics we have below:

• Brand sentiment

• Engagement rate

• Sales

• Traffic

These will allow you to have a clear view of your performance which reflects how effective your Instagram strategy is. Once you detect that your brand is lacking in some areas, this is where you must decide if you have to target a different group of audience, post at different times, and etc.

If you think your profile needs to be established first in order to attract more audience, Famoid might help you out. Having tons of likes could establish the sense of trust to the minds of the audience making them perceive you as an industry leader. Moreover, Famoid offers pure quality cheap and real Instagram likes to those who want to become Instagram famous in an instant. With their service, you don’t have to exert much time and effort in growing the likes of your new Instagram posts.

Without denial, most people trust brands that have greater liker base than those that are not. For this reason, new accounts of brands on Instagram put theirs in earning likes in the early stages of their campaign. With Famoid, you don’t have to struggle anymore. In fact, just watch your brand gaining more likes, followers, and engagements in an instant.

Every brand needs cheap and real Instagram likes just as what Famoid offers. They provide only real and active Instagram likes, unlike other social media services who utilize bots to deliver your order.

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3 Tips For Managing Your Own Rental Properties

If you’re interested in adding some variety to your investment portfolio, you’re likely considering getting into real estate. One of the most common ways people do this is by getting an investment home loan and purchasing a piece of property that you then rent out.

While this can be a great financial move, it can also be challenging for those who are wanting to manage their properties but don’t necessarily have experience doing so. To help those in this type of situation, here are three tips for managing your own rental properties.

Understand What Managing Rental Properties Entails

Before you jump right into managing a rental property, it’s good to know exactly what this job is going to entail for you.

According to Erin Eberlin, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, being a property manager really means that you’ll be managing three aspects of this investment from a business standpoint. You’ll be managing the tenants you’re renting to, the property you own and any of its maintenance, and all of the finances that go into making this business venture work.

If you don’t think you can handle all of these aspects on your own, you can always hire a property management company to take care of some of this business for you. But if you’re wanting to be very hands-on with your investment, just be prepared for the reality of the tasks you’re taking on.

Spend The Time To Learn How To Be A Great Property Manager

When you’re new to real estate investing and management, you might think that it’s something that you can easily pick up without putting too much effort toward it. And while this might be the case for some people, if you really want to take care of your investment, you’ve got to put in the time to learn how to be a great property manager.

To help you in doing this, Brandon Turner, a contributor to, advises that you really invest some of your time into learning about property management. Read books, listen to podcasts, talk with other property managers in your area, or join online forums so you can learn from others’ experiences as well as get answers to any specific questions you may have.

Make Finding Great Tenants Your Priority

One thing that can make being a property manager so much easier, despite everything else that might be going on with your investment, is if you’re able to find great tenants to occupy your property.

To ensure you’re always filling your property with the best possible tenants, Andrew Beattie, a contributor to, recommends that you always call to check their references and that you run a credit check. These two things can give you almost all the information you’ll need to know if someone is responsible and trustworthy enough for you to rent to.

If you’re going to start managing your own rental property or properties soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so successfully.

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9 Tips To Improve Your Hotel Website Strategy In 2019

The hotel industry is fiercely competitive. With so many holidaymakers and travel agencies promising low-cost deals all year long, it can be tough to get customers to book out your rooms for their stay.

While it may be difficult to find the time to improve a marketing strategy and hotel website in between all other day-to-day operations of running the business, it’s not impossible.

This article will explain various methods you can start using today and begin boosting that bottom line. Even though customers are looking for great deals, they need to be able to find your hotel and actually see your offers in the first place.

So with all this in mind, here are 9 tips to improve your hotel website strategy in 2019.

1. Drill Down On Your Guest Persona

Before anything else, you need to know your target audience. What are your guests looking for? Why should they stay with you over other hotels? What’s the purpose of their stay?

These are just some of the basic questions that you can ask yourself and create a guest persona. This will be at the centre of everything you do for the website and future marketing activities.

All this data becomes incredibly valuable later down the line, giving you the ability to personalize the user experience and increasing the number of bookings.

2. Design An Awesome Landing Page

SEO and content marketing will only get you so far. But what happens when you manage to convince guests to check out your hotel website? Without an awesome landing page, all your other efforts will go to waste.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, your website copy must connect with your guests with call to actions strategically placed within (more on call to actions later). Use strong headlines and include lots of images to reinforce any points you want really hitting home.

3. Use Your Company Values To Connect With Guests

If a guest has a choice between your hotel and a competitor and there’s not much to separate you, chances are they going to choose the hotel that shares the same values.

They want to feel like they belong at your hotel. Strong values will put you above the competitor in the guest’s mind.

If you don’t have strong values, you will lose business. It’s much easier to feel at home somewhere that does.

4. Make Sure You Have A Fast Hotel Website

Not only does website speed have an impact on where your hotel ranks in Google, but it also affects how likely a guest is to book a room at your hotel.

eConsultancy research has shown that 3 out of 4 guests will leave your hotel’s website for a competitor if you have a slow website. This is because guests are looking for a smooth booking experience and that starts from the initial landing page loading.

Use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see how fast your website loads. Use their tips to improve the speed and keep your guests happy.

5. Keep It Simple But Effective

More doesn’t always mean better. In fact, when it comes to hotel website marketing, keeping the design and navigation simple is far better at creating a more satisfying experience for potential guests.

Give your customers easy access to room and booking information and availability and they will be grateful.

If your website is easy to navigate, it’s easy for a guest to book a room.

6. Give Them Lots Of Content To Explore

According to Digital Authority, creating a lot of content on your hotel website is very effective at driving sustainable traffic to your website.

There are two types of content you need to put out on a regular basis: images and descriptions.

In terms of images, they need to be of the highest quality. This doesn’t mean stepping outside and using the camera on your smartphone. You must hire a professional to take images that tell a story to your guests.

For the descriptions, this can be anything from what you include on your inclusive breakfast menu to the history of the building the hotel is situated in. The finest details are so important for convincing guests to book a room at your hotel.

7. Go Mobile

25% of all online travel money is generated through mobile devices. If your hotel’s website is not optimized for mobile use, you are missing out on potential guests.

Websites for mobile should have less content than the desktop version. Those that don’t often look the original was just shrunken down and looks like you’re trying to fit too much into a small screen.

This will leave visitors confused and probably causing them to leave your site and book with another competitor.

8. Use Engaging Call To Actions

We mentioned this tip earlier. Your hotel website much use call to actions that make guests want to learn more about your hotel. It can be the difference between someone just generally browsing to making a booking.

For example, when introducing a room and its luxurious views, you would use a call to action such as ‘Learn more about the Executive Suite’. It tells the guest exactly what to do while using attractive language.

If you want to convert viewers to guests, you need engaging call to actions. Not sure where to start? Work with a creative agency that can help you out throughout the process.

9. Drive Home The Benefits

Compare these two hotel websites: Hotel A and Hotel B.

Hotel A lists its features like this:

We have:

  • A spa and fitness centre
  • A golf course
  • Room service

On the other hand, Hotel B lists its features AND benefits like this:

We have:

  • A health spa and fitness centre so you can relieve all the stress from your busy day
  • A golf course so you can network with new clients or enjoy 18 glorious holes in your own time
  • Room service available 24/7 as we understand your day doesn’t always end when the sun goes down

The difference? Hotel B will get guests while Hotel A does not.

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