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Making Your Home More Child-Friendly: A Guide

It’s important to ensure that your home bends to accommodate and fit your needs. You should make changes and tweaks to the place so that you’re better equipped to raise your children to make your lives easier, to keep them safe, and also to provide fun, functionality, and practicality too. Learn how to change your home to turn it into a child-friendly sphere for both your sake and theirs, with the easy-to-follow guide below.

Enforce Rules

Enforcing rules upon your young children can feel horrible, and you may well want to let them get away with absolutely anything since they’re adorable. Let’s be clear; however, some rules will need to be in place in order to maintain some order, routine, and sanity. Do this by ensuring that your kids know where to go and where not to. So, this can mean that they’re not supposed to sleep in your bed every night of the week, nor are they allowed to tackle the stairs unaided.

Erect a stairgate at both the top and the bottom of the staircase and always, always make sure that it’s across especially when you’re kids are learning to walk and running around all over your home.

En-suite Bedroom

An en-suite bedroom can make your life a whole lot easier, especially when your children are very young and diaper changes are often. It can make cleaning them up, and other spills and mishaps much more straightforward. If you’re interested in making the idea a reality, then consider getting a contractor in to assess the structure of your home, and how best to approach making your child’s room an en-suite.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead and know how you’re going to go about, you will need to contact local plumbers to finish the job. Always look for reputable plumbers by researching ‘plumbers in my area’ into your chosen search engine and opt for those who are well-reviewed and rated.

Child Locks

Your child’s safety is paramount, and it needs to come before anything else. Keep your young family safe by keeping dangerous items out of their reach, and remember to be organized in consistently keeping knives and other sharp objects, washing up tablets, soaps, and hazardous liquids far away from them at all times. Choking hazards needs to be removed as a matter of urgency, as should hanging cables of all kinds.

Baby proof your home by walking around each room and considering each piece of furniture and furnishing that could pose a risk. Keep child locks on all cupboards and doors, and especially those in the kitchen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make the necessary effort now before your child could have a nasty accident.

Hard Flooring Over Carpets

If you have kids, then this suggestion needs little introduction. Hard flooring is far superior to carpets as they’re easy to wipe clean, and difficult, though not impossible, to stain and ruin. Young children are notoriously messy eaters and are likely to drop foods and spill drinks on carpets, as well as use pens and crayons, and the list goes on quite frankly. Carpets are warm, cozy, and they look great in certain rooms of the house, but they’re not entirely practical when you’re trying to make your home more child-friendly.

Add Extra Storage

Kids accumulate numerous toys, games, clothes, shoes, coats, and kitchen items very quickly, and you’re going to have to find room to fit all of their belongings. You’ll have to get smart with storing things, and how you’re going to ensure that your home doesn’t become overcrowded and cluttered in a very short space of time. Use the height of any given room to add shelves, hanging net bags, as well as handles on the backs of doors, affixed to shelving units, and boxes under the bed as well. For ideas, head online, and use YouTube to get inspired.

A Designated Kid’s Room

Just as you’re going to enforce that your kids can’t encroach on your space any, and every, night of the week, they should be given a space that’s entirely their own. They should have a room where they can relax and play videogames, and enjoy an hour or two on their own.

Kids enjoy having a retreat of their own, so if you have older kids think about getting a sofa bed in there, as well as TV, books, and also a small mini-fridge to store cool drinks and refrigerated snacks. Your children will adore having a room of their own and should help to boost their enjoyment of your home just to top it off.

Running a household with children is never an easy job, but with a few changes here and there you could make your home more child-friendly. Additionally, this could lead to you seeing improvements made to the running of the household, such as efficiency made to particular tasks and as a result, you will have much happier family members.


3 Tips For Managing Your PTSD

When something traumatic happens in your life, there’s a chance that you should have post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the events that have taken place. While many people think of PTSD happening most commonly with military veterans, a person can develop PTSD from basically an event that they perceive to be traumatic in their life.

Because of this, it’s important that everyone knows what to do if you ever have PTSD. To help you know how you can manage this disorder if you now have or ever get PTSD, here are three tips that can help you in living with and overcoming PTSD.

Find Support

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re trying to deal with PTSD is to find support. Regardless of what it was that happened to you or spurred on this onset of PTSD, there are likely other people out there who’ve experienced a similar thing and can help you get through it, too.

According to Dr. Matthew Tull, a contributor to Very Well Mind, getting social support through groups or individual people can help you work through what happened and find a way to peace. Especially if you’re able to connect with someone who you trust and can understand you, that support system could be just what you need to work through your anxieties and come out on the other side.

Try A Mindfulness or Meditation Practice

When you start to feel like your PTSD is getting the best of your, one strategy you can try is to practice mindfulness or meditation.

Maria Cohut, a contributor to Medical News Today, shares that there are multiple types of mindfulness practices that can help someone dealing with PTSD. Things like mindfulness stress reduction, mindfulness cognitive therapy, mindfulness exposure therapy, and various forms or relaxation or repetition can be very helpful in guiding you through a PTSD episode or helping you avoid one if you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed.

Find Ways To Stay Active

A great way to stay in control of your body and give yourself a positive outlet when you’re feeling pent up aggression or agitation as a result of your PTSD is to be active.

When you’re physically moving your body, shares that you’re able to burn off some of your adrenaline, release some endorphins into your brain, and begin feeling a boost in your mood. Additionally, being able to physically move your body can often help you move your thoughts or emotions into a different headspace as well, which can be very helpful if your PTSD has you feeling stuck or trapped.

If you have PTSD from an event that’s happened in your life, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find help, hope, and peace.


5 Tips For Dads Going Through a Divorce With Kids

When it comes to divorce, a lot of dads wind up getting the raw end of the deal. In many cases, the mother’s side is favored in court, whether it’s deserving or not. Divorcing with children can be a devastating experience that can leave many dads feeling lost in the process.

However, divorcing with kids doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. It’s possible to control your reactions and make the most out of a difficult situation. While not every situation is the same, there are some tips which can usually be applied to most divorces with kids. Here are some of the best tips to cope with it as best as you can.

Make Sacrifices

If you want to maintain a close relationship with your children after the divorce, it may be necessary to make sacrifices. In some cases, your ex may wish to relocate, or you may have a job which doesn’t compliment your custody agreement.

However, it’s important to make sacrifices that may not always be convenient for you. Proximity and regular visits with your child is an essential part of helping them transition and maintain a close relationship with you as a parent.

Talk To a Lawyer

If you happen to be the non-custodial parent following the divorce, then you’ll need to pay child support. It’s very important that you meet with a lawyer so that you understand what kind of money you may be looking at.

A lawyer can help you navigate the ins and outs of how child support is calculated and managed by the judge. A lawyer won’t just be able to help you navigate the often confusing details of family law, but they may also be able to argue your case.

Work With Your Ex Not Against Them

Even though you may have all sorts of feelings about your ex inside, it’s vital that you try to work with them not against them.

Staying civil is one of the most important things you can do for your own sanity as well as the well-being of your children. Try to make your custody situation a positive one as much as you can.

Take Dating Slowly

Chances are that you’ll probably be eager to meet someone again eventually. However, getting back into the dating scene can be overwhelming. Additionally, it can be confusing for the kids.

It’s vital that you give yourself the time to slowly adjust and navigate the dating world before diving into a new relationship.

Focus On The Kids

When in doubt, your primary focus and goal should be the children. By keeping them in mind, you’ll avoid unnecessary arguments and potential long term damage on your children.


Best Spots to camp if you are Considering Camping Near Atlanta

The beautiful capital of Georgia offers much more to its visitors and residents than Coca-Cola, peaches and scorching hot temperature. There are certain things that people often overlook when it comes to maintaining health and an active lifestyle.

Well, the obesity rate of Atlanta shows something else!

You might not be an active person but involving yourself or your kids into activities that are more fun-filled, educational and entertaining at the same time can help you achieve the mind to raise a kid right. Or if it is for you, achieve a sense of self-control and a way of tackling with tough scenarios.

An outdoor trip with all the aspects involving fun, physical activity and education – What could be the perfect fit? A camping trip of course!

Atlanta has some of the best and scenic camping spots for people who are looking to spend their nights out as campers and experience the be-wilderness. If you are thinking of camping near Atlanta you honestly don’t have to worry about “WHERE”!

Top Spots to Camp in or near Atlanta:

Here are a few of the best spots to choose from:

Sweetwater Creek State

This natural getaway makes to the top of the list is the natural getaway it is. Sweetwater Creek State is offering the campers an accommodation in rustic yurts. The yurts are basically a village with playgrounds, warm snug beds and also a playground.

Since they have an entire outdoor setup, you can also go paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. All the supplies are available for the people. Explore the natural beauty of Atlanta from the hiking trail and witness several historic ruins along the journey to the top.

Where: 1750 Mt Vernon Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, USA

Stone Mountain Park

Follow the Atlanta tradition and spend your day at the Stone Mountain Park. The park features several entertainment options from classic family fun to nature hikes to classical family fun activities and attractions. They got everything a family needs for fun.

Since the park is an attraction and a landmark, it is quite popular among people as a camping site hence the Campgrounds of the Stone Mountain Park offer around 500 campsites for the explorers of the outdoor world.

The place offers full room services to tent sites built along the Stone Mountain Lake. This reminds the campers of the charming aura of the park. Several programs are also providing the campers with entertainment and teaching them the techniques of camp life which is definitely an experience of a lifetime. They also offer worthwhile and exciting adventures like sky hiking, summit riding and many more. All you have to do is to grab an adventure pass.

Where: 1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, USA

Red Top Mountain State Park

Head out to the Red Top Mountain State Park for a camping trip this weekend. The park that is located on Lake Allatoona offers great entertainment and fun weekend for the visitors. Head out for paddling or kayaking or bring your own bicycle and challenge your biking capabilities at the Spoke’s Club Hill Trail. Whether you want a hookup or a tent site, they have it all covered for you.

Where: 50 Lodge Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

Wilkerson Mill Camp Park

This land of 5 acres area is stretched wide and far in Palmetto is a great site for campers and backpackers. You can park or stay wherever you feel like. Notice how there is no sound of traffic or anything unnatural in this beautiful and sedated space. It is a perfect place to have a quiet weekend or camping trip.

Where: 8095 Wilkerson Mill Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268, USA

Historic Banning House

Treehouses are a major commotion of this area. Complete treehouses with a queen bed, running water and a back deck that gives a complete view of the Snake Creek Gorge, Treehouses are not their only specialty by the way. If you think treehouse is not a comfortable place for you, you can rent a cozy cabin or a cottage that has everything you need to relax from a Jacuzzi to a spa and several outdoor adventures to make your weekend worthwhile.

Where: 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA


Atlanta has always been a place full of history and beauty. Undoubtedly offering their residents and visitors with captivating places like these where they can spend their weekend. Despite your busy routine, you need to keep an eye on health and relaxing your mind which you can only achieve if you decide to go on an outdoor trip with your friends or family once in a while. There are many sites for campers for camping near Atlanta hence worrying for the perfect outdoor spot is not at all an issue for the Atlanta’s!


Effect Of Changing Trends On Corporate Travels | Are Corporate Travel Planners Even Needed Anymore?

Since the bubble of the internet busted, several things have changed. One of these things is a means of communication. Initially, people had to travel for the sake of business to communicate with their client, employees or bosses in a better and more convenient way. But now it is much easier to have a face to face communication with the other party despite the distance.

Do people still travel for the sake of business?

The question in this matter arises whether corporate travels are needed anymore? Why do people spend so much money arranging and going through complete ticketing, accommodation and conveyance process and also investing in a corporate travel planner to accompany you or your team for the journey?

Importance of Corporate Travels

The answer to this, which is pretty obvious and discussed earlier as well is that a business needs its stakeholders to travel for the sake of the business for several purposes. Some of the major purpose is being the necessity of interacting directly with the employees and finding more opportunities to expand and benefit the business in any regard.

Corporate Travel Planners and Trends

With the necessity of corporate travels, the need of hiring corporate travel planners for the company to escort along the journey for the entire trip has also been a necessity for quite some time now. With the improving and increasing demand for the travel industry, it has become more of a trend than a necessity as technology can cover the basic requirements and setups for your upcoming business travel.

Trends Affecting on Corporate Travels

Trends have been coming and going if you are in the industry as a corporate travel management company. From the rise and fall in income to the change in the demand of a corporate travel agent, several trends are responsible for effecting corporate travels and the changes that come with them.

Here are a few trends that have affected corporate travels as well:

Tech development

Undoubtedly, the evolution of technology which has been drastic from the past few years has had an impact on corporate travels and is affecting the industry at a whole new level. Online booking, pre-planned packages, gadgets and gear to keep to alert and updated with the schedule have taken over. People tend to ask the question why you would want to invest again and again in a human being who has the potential to make an error when you can invest once in a while for a gadget that is quite accurate and a much more reliable partner when it comes to efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Travel Costs and Reduction

While businesses look forward to maximized profits, they are also more inclined toward saving costs. Travel cost is probably one of the most important and costly parts of a corporate trip. With more people inclined towards travelling through the air, one can seek several deals and discounts available as well as alternative travel options;

  • Economy class of many airlines is quite improved and facilitated now; you can consider shifting to economy class.
  • Many hotels with good services are available on reasonable rates that a standard branded hotel. Consider staying in one of those.
  • Online agencies and booking methods are available that help people to book an entire corporate journey from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you are comfortable.

New opportunities

Technology has allowed you to reach out to wherever you want and however you want. Google maps and blogs have replaced the need of tour guide and the entrepreneurs who were once quite reluctant to explore a new area tend to find corporate travel as a new opportunity to explore the area and enhance their knowledge.

Many companies also offer their employees to head out and recharge their brains and batteries while they are on a corporate trip because while the trend of technology and the means of communication develop, the way people run their businesses has also changed. Employees are now much more than a stack of people who have their heads in front of the PC all day long.

Has the change in trend affected the need for Corporate Travels?

While the way corporate travels work has changed a lot, there is a huge possibility that many people still prefer the old way of researching and going through the industry to find the right corporate travel planner who would assist them during the journey. It somehow has become a trademark in the relevant industry.

The need for Travel Management agencies is dependent entirely on the person who is seeking corporate travel in the coming days. While you insist on being a tech-oriented modern entrepreneur, the charm of being a typical corporate traveler does not go away.


Transgender Transformations – Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Who Want To Be Women

Over the years, our society has only recognized the binary male and female gender. But as we are coming to realize, gender is more than just black and white. Various gender identities apart from the traditional male and female gender include transgender, neutral, agender, genderqueer, third gender and so on. To ensure that a person’s anatomy aligns with his or her gender identity, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to undergo hormone replacement therapy. It’s an important phase of life as your body changes drastically and so it’s best if you are familiar with the procedure and risks involved in undergoing such therapy. Even as a cis-gender person interested in dating a transgender, getting as much knowledge about transgender issues (including hormone replacement therapy) is the best way to date a transgender. This will prepare you for the changes that will come.


What goes on in hormone replacement therapy?

In the body of a biological male, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands produce hormones which stimulate the production and release of testosterone from the testes located in the scrotum. The production of this hormone in the body begins earnestly at puberty. Consequently, characteristics that are typically found in biological males like deeper voice and more body hair begin to appear.

In cross-sex hormone therapy, specifically feminizing hormone therapy, various hormonal medications are administered to trigger physical changes that are more feminine and/or repress male physical characteristics. Starting hormone replacement therapy early enough, especially in teens can help avert going through puberty as the gender you do not identify with. This can help your outward physical appearance align more with your inward gender identity and improve your overall quality of life.

Just like in puberty, hormone replacement works differently on different people. How your body responds to feminizing hormones depends on a variety of factors from the age at which you commence this form of therapy, to your current health status and even your genes which determine a lot of how your body interacts with the drugs. So always keep in mind that it could work well on others and have dire consequences for the health of other people receiving the same treatment. With that in mind, it’s important to seek counseling and talk with your doctor before you begin using hormones and while using to them, to discuss whatever abnormal symptoms you might have. But what exactly should you be expecting in hormone replacement therapy?

The many changes you should expect to see

Changes to your Physical Appearance

The most obvious would, of course, be the physical changes that come with it. Your body will begin to go through puberty again which would involve changes like:

  • Breast development which might be painful and at times unequal.
  • Body fat redistribution as your body begins to redirect fat to your thighs and hips.
  • A decrease in muscle mass, especially in your arms which might lead to an indirect decrease in your muscle strength as well.
  • Shrinking of your testes, as they begin to atrophy due to the repression of the hormone testosterone.
  • Skin that is softer and less oily
  • Less facial and body hair

Click here to learn more about how male and female transitioning hormone therapy works.


Changes in your Sexuality 

The use of estrogen and progesterone is commonly employed to replace testosterone and seeing as they are typically sex hormones; you should expect changes to your reproductive system. While there would be an obvious reduction in your sex drive, you might also notice a decrease in the size of your testes as earlier stated. But it is not just the testes that will be affected. Your penis could also be affected, causing erectile dysfunction, but this can be countered with other oral medications like Viagra if you wish.

Your fertility could also be compromised, making it difficult to have biological children. So if this is important to you, you should consider options like getting your sperm frozen. While the effects of hormone replacement may be reversed by discontinuing using your drugs, they could also be permanent, so it’s safer not to risk it or at least have a backup plan should you change your mind in the future.

Despite undergoing hormone replacement therapy, it might still be possible to get a woman pregnant. Thus, hormone replacement therapy is not a substitute for birth control methods should you continue to be sexually active as a man, it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy.

Your mental health could be affected too

Of course, all these changes will occur gradually over weeks, months and at times even years. But these won’t be the only changes to expect. You might also find yourself feeling more emotional than usual as your hormonal levels begin to change. Your taste in food, clothing, and activities might also change as the therapy advances and undergoing counseling to help you cope with the changes could help.

As your body begins to take on a new form that is hopefully closer and closer to your true gender identity, the negative effects of hormone therapy cannot be ignored. Whilst you might reduce your chance of prostate cancer, your chances of breast cancer can significantly increase due to the switch in hormones, so prolonged use of feminizing hormones would require breast screening checks.

Other risks include the formation of clots in your blood (deep vein thrombosis), which might get dislodged and travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism); Diabetes Mellitus, Weight gain and other health precautions. After carefully weighing the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, you can decide to go ahead.


Going through hormone replacement therapy or the more extreme gender reassignment surgery will help you align better to your true gender identity. However, the process can be a bit challenging both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Hence, it is best to go through this period of your life with as much knowledge of the subject as possible. Speak to your doctor to get further clarifications on hormone replacement therapy and how it will affect your body. If you have a friend in the process of transitioning, click here for some tips to help and support.



Get the Family in the Halloween Spirit at California’s Great America!

California’s Great America is one of the premier adventure parks in the country. With tons of rides, great food, and eye-popping attractions, millions of families have a wholesome, good time every year. But what if you were into something a bit… edgier? Great America’s Halloween Haunt in Santa Clara is an event that thrill-seekers, horror fans, and Halloween heads look forward to attending each year. If this sounds like you or someone in your family, you need to look into taking a trip there. It’s the opportunity to experience the ghoulish holiday in a new and exciting way. To better prepare for your trip, keep this short but informative guide available to reference while planning all the details.

Dates of the Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt takes place September 27th through November 2nd, 2019. Season pass holders are able to go to the park as often as they want to without additional cost. Daily tickets cost as low as $42 per person. Admission and Fast Lane status will set you back $89.99 per person or more depending on what add-ons you’ve opted for.

There are other deals specifically meant for Wednesday and Friday nights as well as for large groups. You can check out the pricing options on Great America’s website to see which ticket is best for you. If you know a Season Pass Holder, you can get tickets for yourself for as low as $19.99 per day. That’s a bargain by any estimation!

Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

There is a jam-packed schedule for you to take part in during the park’s Halloween celebration. You’ll find programming that isn’t available during other times of the year. Some of the options include special rides like the Berserker, Celebration Swings, Demon or Drop Tower. You’ll get chilled to the bone at Backwoods, Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor, Roadkill Roadhouse, and Zombie High. You’ll also want to take photos with all the costumed ghouls, ghosts, and creatures you encounter throughout your visit.

What to Eat in the Park

You’re going to work up hunger pains walking around and dodging all the creepy crawlies in the park. That’s why it’s important that you explore the food options available. You’ll find casual restaurants as well as sit down restaurants to choose from. If you have more time to spare and want to rest your aching feet, the latter can be very appealing.

Some of your most toothsome food options include American Café, Auntie Anne’s, Churro Factory, Crocodile Canteen, Food Festival, Great American Pizza Company, Panda Express, Sierra Creek Lodge, Snack Shack, and Subway. Many names are familiar because you’ve eaten at their restaurants before. Others are a brand new experience for you to try, enjoy, and remember for the rest of your life.

Hotels Near Santa Clara CA

The Hyatt House Santa Clara is among the nicest places to stay in the area. Not only is the accommodation close to the location of the Halloween Haunt, but it puts you close to tons of other attractions and events in the area. The Santa Clara Marriott is also in the heart of the action. Like the Hyatt House, it offers a pool and fitness center. You can’t go wrong staying at either.


Investing In Your Child’s Future

When you’ve just had a baby, savings are probably fairly close to the top of the list of things you don’t even want to think about, let alone take action on. Just having a baby is financially exhausting. Plenty of people probably warned you about the impact that having a baby would have on your body, but not enough people receive fair warning of just how expensive a new baby can be. Some people put the cost of raising a child as high as $21,000 within their first year. We think that sounds expensive – but we couldn’t swear to it being wrong.

There are excellent reasons for you to force yourself to look into financial products for your newborn, though. Ultimately, all parents want a better quality of life for their child than they’ve enjoyed themselves – and f you get started early enough, you can make that a reality. Making the proper financial provisions for a new baby might not be as expensive as you think; especially if you act as early as possible. For that reason, we’re going to ask you to sit down, fight against the urge to reject the idea of trying to put money aside out of your head for a moment, and look at this brief guide to five financial provisions you should consider making for the youngest member of your family.

  • A Junior Savings Or Investment Account

We list both options here because some people are nervous about the idea of investments. That’s largely because investments are misunderstood. It’s true to say that they can be compared to gambling, but not the same sort of gambling you’d encounter if you were playing mobile slots games. The money you put into the games on a mobile slots website will either turn into a larger prize, or be lost. Winners at slots casino get jackpots, and losers get nothing. Not all investments function in the same way. Some may never grow at all – and that’s the gamble, but many of them will guarantee that they at least won’t lose money. If you’d rather your child’s account experienced a guaranteed level of growth – even if it was a low level – opt for a savings account with a fixed interest rate instead. Don’t give them access to it until they’ve turned 18.

  • A Pension

Talking about a pension for someone who’s just been born might sound a little crazy. The only thing they have in common with pensioners is that they’re wrinkly, and some of them are bald! In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to talk about pensions for children. Our world is sadly far from ideal – we’re currently heading for a pensions crisis that may rob the next generation (and the one that comes after it) of many of the retirement benefits the current generation is looking forward to. The best way to ensure your child stands a chance of receiving a reasonable pension when they’re older is starting one while they’re still young. To put the benefits in financial terms, if you were able to pay $3,600 per year into a pension fund until your child was 18, and then it was left until they were 60, upon reaching 60 that pot would be worth $1m. This assumes that the pot would grow at 5% per year, which is reasonable for a pension fund.

  • Life Insurance (for you)

We’d all like to assume that we’ll be here to see our children grow up. It’s a sad reality that some of us won’t be. Even if you’re from a family with no history of medical issues, you could be knocked down crossing the street tomorrow, and that would be it. None of us can ever say that we’re totally safe from an accident, and that’s what insurance is for. If you’re comparatively young, fit, and healthy, you could obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of life insurance for $10 per month or less. It wouldn’t replace you if you weren’t around anymore – and your child would, of course, miss you terribly – but you could at least enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll be financially looked after even if you’re not there to see it.

  • A Regular Bank Account (as soon as they’re old enough)

Do you wish you’d known more about the value of saving money when you were younger? So do we. Make sure your child won’t also answer that question in the affirmative when they’re your age. As soon as they’re old enough to have a bank account, open one up for them. Instead of giving them pocket money in cash, transfer it into their bank account. They’ll soon get used to the idea of seeing how money builds up, and how putting a little away each week or month contributes to a much larger pot. Let them spend a little when they want or need to, but always have a conversation about what they’re spending the money on. Also make sure they work out how much they’ll have left once they’ve spent their money, and how long it will take them to build their savings back up again. This is the only way to teach the value of money.

  • A Piggy Bank

You probably weren’t expecting to see this here – but it’s just as important as all the others! Money shouldn’t just be something that children see on a screen. We might be heading towards a cashless economy, but we’re not there yet, and we don’t expect to be there within the next ten years either. That means cash will still be around when your child is growing up, and they should develop a positive relationship with us. Who among us didn’t love raiding their piggy bank when we were younger to see how much we had for candy and toys? If money is held in banks all the time, it’s boring, and it becomes a chore. If it’s a chore, it’s less likely that your child will have a positive relationship with it. If approached with the right mindset, managing money can be fun – and it all starts with a classic piggy bank that a child can squirrel loose change away in. You can worry about the insurance, the pensions, and the savings accounts. That’s the serious stuff. Let your child have fun with the less serious side when they’re young!