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Shelters all across America need your help. And here at zootoo we are dedicated to bringing shelters and volunteers together. The chances are high that something you do every day can translate into significant help for your local shelter.

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A Shelter Story

A Shelter Story

Susan's Plainfield Shelter Needs

At the time of the interview, The Plainfield Humane Society housed about 60 dogs and 160 cats. Susan MacWhinney-Ciufo, Plainfield Managing Director, is hopeful that zootoo will be able to help her find much needed support. The Plainfield Shelter needs everything from dog walking, feeding, vet work, medicine, transportation, building heat, and answering phones to playing with cats and cleaning cages. Whether you have a service or skill to offer or money to donate, your contributions are vital. Local shelters everywhere, like Plainfield, need your help. Join zootoo and help your local shelter.

A Volunteer Story

A Volunteer Story

Monika's Professional Skills

In honor of her beloved American Cocker Spaniel, Lulu, Monika Salazar, a marketing executive, dedicated her time outside of work to volunteer as a marketing consultant for Pets Are Wonderful Support in San Francisco, CA (PAWS SF). Monika used her marketing expertise to create both Web and print communications for PAWS that eventually led to an increase in their volunteer base. The program was a huge success for PAWS, the pets, and Monika.

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