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Nikki B.
Rating: 1

Don't know about the clinic, just the Dr.

posted 7 years ago

I can't speak for their vet care, so I'll say that right off. He may be the most wonderful vet on the planet, for all I know. I just know that he is a mean person who has to talk badly about others to make himself feel better.

I have only met this man once. He has never set foot inside my dog daycare. One day, an employee of his was doing something at my place. It was a long friday and we had had a birthday party. I was hairy, slobbery, I had dog ice cream on my shirt; I was just a total mess, and I was exhausted. His employee asked me, at the end of the day, if I would help her haul some stuff back to Dr. North's office in my truck. I told her I would.

When we got there, I didn't want to go in because I was so filthy, but she insisted I bring Poco in to meet Dr. North. Fine. Whatever. So I did. He looked at me (or should I say over me; almost as if I didn't exist) looked at Poco. One of his staff members asked me if I required the Bordetella vaccine and I told her I did. She then began to preach to me about the contagious properties of tracheobronchitis. (I didn't make the connection then, but it comes up later.) Then we left.

The next day Dr. North said to his employee, "Was that the owner of Poco's Playhouse? Kind of trashy, isn't she?"

Now, I've heard from several friends and clients that this man is slandering me to all of his clients (what he doesn't seem to know is that some of my clients are his clients). He's telling them that my place is bad and disorganized and to go somewhere else. He has never set foot in my Playhouse.

Not only that, but he and his staff tried to blame me for an outbreak of tracheobronchitis (canine cough, kennel cough). One of their clients who came to me for daycare (who coincidentally was just at the groomers at Dr. North's clinic, where sick dogs go, the day before) came down with it. They tried to call and accuse me of causing it. I have ALWAYS required all vaccinations including Bordetella since the day I opened my doors. Not only that, but none of the other daycare dogs had come down with it. Just this one. Also, maybe his staff doesn't know that dogs can still get tracheobronchitis if they've had the vaccine. The disinfectant I use kills everything. I have to order it special, and it costs $20 a gallon. It kills parvo, distemper, rabies, FeLIV, even AIDS.

Who the hell is he to say that? I'm sorry I don't have tons of money to pay a huge staff to do my work for me all day. I'm sorry if I actually play with the dogs that come to my daycare. I'm sorry I actually pick up poop, mop floors, and scrub furniture. Forgive me for throwing the hairy, slobbery balls for the dogs to chase. Forgive me for scrubbing them every morning. I'm sorry I'm in with the dogs helping keep then entertained and keeping the peace. I apologize that I don't just sit back in my office all day with gold chains and Gucci while a staff of people runs my business. I'm sorry I care enough about the dogs that come to me to for relationships with them. My bad.

Would that impress him? If I was always beautiful, well-manicured, and immaculate? Would he prefer I run my business from an office on the other side of town? Would that make me a real professional? He doesn't know anything about me.

Does he know that I dropped out of high school and had a kid at 16, whose father hasn't been in his life since he was in diapers? Does he know that I was homeless for a few months when I was pregnant? Does he know I worked three jobs at once to pay the bills with no child support? Does he know that I got my GED and put myself through college, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor's in psychology? Does he know that I then went on to get a master's in Scientific and Technical Writing? Does he know that I now own my own home, and that I started Poco's Playhouse out of my own pocket, without a single penny from business loans?

Does he even care? No.

Pros: I don't know; I can't speak for their vet care

Cons: The vet is a spiteful, mean, horrible person.

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