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posted 4 years ago

I was surprised to see the reveiw by love4petorg. I found Dr. Adams to be kind of quiet, but very knowledgeable. He did reccommend the best care he could think of for my dog. I couldn't afford to do all that he wanted to do, but he helped me decide what was best to do keeping my budget in mind. I like that he told me the best things to do. I guess some people would get mad about that if they couldn't afford it? Like, they felt guilty or something? Anyway, all the girls there were nice and answered all my questions. My dog wasn't as scared as he normally is...I think that says alot. I really felt comfortable there and so did my dog. I will definately go back and tell my friends about pasco animal hospital. Oh and they have cool program to get free vaccines, I ended up spending more because Dr. Adams found an ear infection when he did his exam, but in the end I will save money because i don't have to pay for vaccinations any more for my dog. YAY

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[updated on 2011-05-06 08:26:36]:
I forgot to click the star thingy...I would give them 4 stars...5 if they updated the building. : )

Pros: Very knowledgeable

Cons: out dated building

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