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Be Warned!

posted 4 years ago

In my opinion Vet Hospital UPenn MURDERED my dog.......
I took my dog there with a broken leg on a Thursday. They suggested that rather than a simple splint that they should put steel pins in his leg (=$$$). I agreed to their recommendation because I thought they knew best. After the operation they also recommended that he stay over the weekend for "observation"(= $$$). On Saturday, the orthopedic surgeon called to say that my dog was great and that I could pick him up on Monday. When I arrived on Monday I discovered that my dog was in the ER with pneumonia. When I finally got to talk to the surgeon, she said that he needed to be put on a ventilator and that it would cost significantly more (=$$$). I gave my permission and not more than 2 hours later she said that he should be euthanized. When all was said and done all I was left with was my dog's ashes and a $7,500 bill. They never explained how my dog got pneumonia two days AFTER his surgery. They DID, however, have a direct relationship with a pet crematory (=$$$). I have never recovered from this trauma.

Pros: None

Cons: They only want your money.

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Rating: 1

Never Again

posted 6 years ago

This past weekend we took our dog to VHUP at the recommendation of our vet who by the way is a graduate of VHUP and has been our vet for over 30 years. I brought with me my dog's complete patient history along with radiographs. The ER vet had her for an hour after which we were brought into an exam room to go over what would happen next. I was asked questions about things that we didn't even bring her in for, such as her "sore abdomen" which was news to us. I was told it was painfull and she didn't like her stomach touched. Again, news to us since we had brought her over from NJ with her laying across my lap and me petting her the whole trip. Then the vet started asking me more questions and I told her everything was in the paperwork I gave her from my vet. She said she didn't read it. I told her my dog was there for possible neuritis and this is what she told us and to look at what my vet had written. She did and this is exactly what she said "I don't know what he is talking about but I don't agree with him" Really?! So now here is a vet who has had these papers for an hour and didn't even bother to look at them. How can you agree or disagree if you don't even know what the referring vet is talking about.

My dog was then transferred to the hospital and the internest called me to ask question about my dog's abdominal problems. I had to tell her the reason my dog was brought there and it wasn't abdominal problems. I told 4 people the whole story about why we brought our dog there, one wrote every thing down, and not one person could convey the correct information to the attending vet who was told my dog was not eating and had abdominal problems. Don't know where they came up with that one. Serious lack of communication.

When my dog was discharged later that day, after tests, I was told she had an enlarged heart, pancreatitis, salivary cyst, dental disease, bladder infection, heart murmur III/VI, swollen glands, and wax in her ears. I was told to cut her beard because it was bothering her and to remove all hair from her ears. I was also told they had to do a chest x-ray because the one my vet gave them was only one side. This was Saturday. I asked that all the test results be faxed to my vet because I would be taking my dog there Monday morning and I was told they would do that.

Well this morning around 11:30 I took my dog back to my vet. VHUP never faxed him anything. I didn't have any paperwork to give him because all they gave me were my receipt and discharge papers. I gave my vet a copy of the discharge papers with the list of everything "wrong" with my dog. He then proceded with check everything on her. GUESS WHAT? He checked her ears and there was no wax in them. The q-tip was clean. I know VHUP did not clean them because I refused to have it done there when they asked. He then checked for the salivary cyst. There was none. He then checked her heart and the heart murmur is 1 as he had told me last month. He checked her teeth and gums and there is no gum disease or dental disease. He checked her glands and they were not swollen. Did a urinalysis, no bladder infection. I told him about the x-ray and he said he did a full chest xray and sent it out for a second opinion to a radiologist. There was no enlarged heart. He asked me what did they find regarding the neuritis, the reason he sent me there, and I told him "nothing". The attending vet felt it unnecessary to see the neurologist at this time. She told me to have the teeth cleaned (at VHUP), and if my dog was still having problems to come back to VHUP and then see the neurologist.

With all these alleged problems, my vet wanted to know what meds they gave me. NOTHING.

By the way, when the ER vet spoke to me she gave me a quote of $1500 - 2500 for the weekend if they had to keep my dog, it was then changed to $2500 - $3500, which I had to pay half and did. Whenever I took any of my dogs to the ER in Mount Laurel, NJ I was always given paperwork to give my regular vet. I also was given an itemized estimate prior to leaving a depost. VHUP did not do that. You get a receipt for deposit, but nowhere does it show how they came up with that amount. That's a fact, I have the receipt to prove it. They had my dog a total of 7 hours and the final bill was about $762. Let's see how fast I get my $988 refund.

My vet said he will be making a phone call to VHUP today. I told him not to ever refer me to them again. He can't believe this and neither can I.

Pros: Open 24/7, Little to no wait in ER

Cons: Misdiagnosis, Lack of Communication

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