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Do you have a funny cat/s? What makes them so funny? Come see what other cat owners are saying about their pets. Watch videos, view photos and read their journals, etc. or join a group. This topic page is all for fun!


March 4, 2009 | By Claygirlsings | 28

My cat has this hair licking obsession. Most cats, it seems, have some quirky thing they do. What's a funny thing that your cat does?

Colleen L.

March 4, 2009

A: Both of my cats chew on our spider plants (a type of houseplant). They always get sick from doing it but they just keep on eating them!

February 15, 2009 | By MICHELLE G. | 17

One of our cats loves hairbands.His pupils actually dilate when we hold a hairband in front of him.He will run away with it and hide under the bed.

Judy  Z.

February 15, 2009

A: All the answers are such fun to read. but the most fun we have is with grocery bags - we put an open bag on the floor and throw in a piece of paper and then one of the cats would get into the bag and go after the paper and the bag would go all over… more ›

January 10, 2009 | By Marisa M. | 20

I have taught all of my cats to give me their paw. It's funny to watch them do this!

Marisa M.
Daniel S.

January 11, 2009

A: Wow! That is a neat trick. I haven't taught my cats any real tricks, but I have had them come to me. The bigger of the brothers, ever since I was little, if I squat down and pat my knees and thighs a couple of times he trots over for some petting. :)


May 29, 2010 | By Mary T. | 19

Many of America‚Äôs presidents and their families have enjoyed the company of cats while in office. Meet some of the fearless felines who have guarded our Commanders-in-Chief during their time in the White House: Calvin Coolidge (Tiger) … more ›

Hail to the Cats! A Salute to First Felines


November 23, 2009 | By Gavin C. | 2

Feline Pine, the makers of America's best selling natural cat litter are running a video contest on Zootoo! "If Cat's Could Talk" - check it out at this link: Pretty … more ›

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