Cat Shedding

Cat Shedding problems? Read, learn and share anything related to excessive cat shedding issues. Other cat lovers like you may suggest their favorite cat shedding brush, tools and more. Watch cat shedding videos, cat shedding product reviews.


February 10, 2009 | By Jessica B. | 13

I just ordered the small version of the Furminator on-line to use on our three long haired cats. I had heard great things about the brush, mainly that it prevented shedding very well. I was wondering if anyone has used the product and whether it no… more ›

Sue O.

February 11, 2009

A: I would not consider the Furminator to be a matting comb. It is great for keeping undercoat in check and shedding in any form but they do warn about using it on non-shedding dogs which would lead me to believe that it is going to pull on anything th… more ›

June 27, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1

Why does my cat shed so much hair all over everything?

Mary T.

July 11, 2010

A: Your cat sheds a lot because he has a lot of hair to begin with — and more growing all the time — something to think about while giving that daily brushing. There’s plenty of hair to spare (and shed) because the typical cat has about 130,000 … more ›

December 16, 2008 | By Amanda | 9

Are there any products out there that are excellent de-shedders? My cat is not a heavy shedder; I am just a neat freak ;o) Note: cat eats Blue Buffalo organics food & treats, is a great self-cleaner (but never gets hairballs), and tolerates being … more ›

Amanda  T.

December 16, 2008

A: get the furminator! we have it for our dogs and it works like a champ! they make a smaller one for cats too! they are a little costly, but it is well worth it! trust me!

June 26, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1

I thought my cat would never start cleaning herself as a growing kitten, but eventually she did. She was a paragon of cleanliness for years. Why is she now “letting herself go?”

Mary T.

July 10, 2010

A: Failure to groom might be a sign of feline dementia, obesity, or pain of arthritis. Most kittens begin self-grooming with tongue and paws around 15 days after birth. (“Mom licks me and it feels good. I think I’ll try myself.’) Your slow-learne… more ›

August 26, 2008 | By Anonymous | 4

When we first got her, she'd just had kittens and her entire under belly was nearly bald for obvious reasons. She is a strictly indoor cat and has been spayed and the only other cat in the house is a female as she's not preggers!! I'd been … more ›


August 27, 2008

A: I would get a skin scraping at the vet if I were you. Just in case it is mange or somthing.


May 6, 2010 | By Mary T. | 20

If April showers bring May flowers, then the combination of the two mean a climbing heat index. While pets are eager to get outside as much as possible in warmer climates, the sunny weather is not without some perils for both cats and dogs. more ›

Warm Weather Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Sun


June 13, 2008 | By Anonymous | 3

hey guys, do any of you have any suggestions of what I can do? I tried to shave her with a beard trimmer type thing and that didnt really work out to well. not that she minded, but she was moving around too much. then my friend said that shaving thei… more ›

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