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Dog Adoption, dos and don'ts. Use other people experience with dog adoption, learn about the differences of adopting a puppy or an adult dog. Use the information below as a user guide to dog adoption and contribute your own experience to help others through the process. more ›

Dog Day Care and all related info related to Doggy Day Care. Find all answers, journals, pictures and advise from dog owners related to their personal experience with dog day care. This topic page should serve as the page on zootoo where the best content regarding dog day care has been delivered. Be a contributor and relay your experience and chances are Zootoo will feature you as a top contributor regarding doggy day care. more ›

Puppies: read and watch anything zootooers had to say from puppy training to puppy chow. Join the discussion about puppy mills and adoption. Watch zootooers puppy video or puppy cams. more ›

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer. This page is dedicated to Cesar Millan also known as the dog whisperer; It's about Cesar Millan Puppy Training and Cesar Millan Books. Share your opinion and training learnings from Cesar Millan with all dog lovers. more ›

Dog Ticks Treatment is always something a pet owner should ask their vet; learning from other dog owners on how they dealt with dog tick bites will help in dealing and even preventing the problem. more ›

Dog shedding afflicts dog owners in various ways. If your dog sheds too much, find the advice from other dog owners with similar issues and the tools, pictures, videos and related products to help with dog shedding. more ›

This is the Dogs Behavior page on Zootoo. If your dog's behavior is affecting the relationship with your pet this section will help relate and cope with the issue. Dogs behaving badly can be addressed with proper dogs behavioral techniques. Learn all about dogs behavior from dog lovers like you. more ›

Welcome to the Tabby Cat center...your source for information. You'll find great tips and suggestions on health issues, behavior, training, products and services. If you have a specific question regarding your tabby cat, simply submit it and let our community help you. more ›

Training your kitten can be challenging. Find information on different techniques and tips on how to best train your kitten. Check out training products and more! more ›

Do you have a funny cat/s? What makes them so funny? Come see what other cat owners are saying about their pets. Watch videos, view photos and read their journals, etc. or join a group. This topic page is all for fun! more ›

Browse through cat names suggestions from other cat lovers on Look into journals and answers regarding female and male cat names. Help others find the perfect unusual name for their cat. It's fun and it may help a fellow cat go through life with a cat name he/she can be proud of. more ›

Cats & Allergies: either you're allergic to cats or your cat has an allergy this section is dedicated to any issue related to cats & allergies. more ›

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