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By Angela Sterner

As seen on CraftPawty.com: My cat, Kiki, loves when we bake. It’s ridiculous, really, because she is never allowed to eat whatever we’re baking, but this never stops her from being a very attentive spectator. Every year … more ›

Baking for Kitty: Kiki Nom Noms

Mon, Nov 5 | By Matt Van Hoven | 247

Following complaints from dog owners concerning the safety of pet treats, some manufacturers are adding labeling that recommends how many treats to give your pet. The need for change piqued when 70 dog owners issued complaints to the FDA… more ›

Pet Illness Spurs Need For Guidelines

Thu, Sep 27 | By AP | 178

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Chicken jerky treats may have sickened dozens of dogs, federal health officials warned Wednesday despite failing to find any trace of contamination. The Food and Drug Administration said it's fielded more than 70 compla… more ›

FDA Warns Dog Owners on Chicken Treats

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We’ve all grown accustomed to the many fundraisers and charitable events that the pet industry produces for homeless pets. From pet food companies… more ›

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