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Dingo Tied Bone by Dingo

Rating: 5
By: Psuchris

My dogs loved these treats. They could not get enough of them. They were easier to chew and great for my dogs teeth and breath. I will definitely pur… more ›

Tami W.

Dingo Wag'n Wraps Beef (2 Pack) by Dingo

Rating: 5
By: Tami W.

Boomer is finicky to say the least. She doesn't like many bones unless they come from the 87 year old neighbor from next door. And she only likes thos… more ›


Dec 04, 2009 10:51am | By Modern D.

Healthy holiday biscuits for Buddy to enjoy... Sherlock's Minnesota Biscuits Celebrate the passing of Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s Service Dogs for Veterans Act with this tasty, dog-approved treat. How can yo… more ›


PUPPY KONG by Kong Co.

Rating: 5
By: Likeabird

My puppy enjoys her Kong. She used to spend much more time trying to get the treats, and now she has begun losing interest. The only downfall for me i… more ›


Pedigree Jumbone by Pedigree

Rating: 1
By: Ckwcoco

We followed all package instructions - our adult dog chewed on the Pedigree Jumbone until it was gone. Began drinking lots of water, started acting s… more ›


October 20, 2009 | By Ckwcoco | 6 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

Our dog almost died from esophagus blockage from a Pedigree Jumbone which lodged 360 degree's into his esophagus... 5 1/2 surgery... it almost killed him. Three months on a feeding tube. PLEASE PLEASE do not risk the danger with your pet! It's NOT … more ›


Kingdom Pets Original Chicken Jerky by User Suggested Products

This stuff is Great (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 5
By: DogzBestFriend

I have a Pomeranian named Boy and I feed him one of these treats every day. He always gets excited each time I reach for the bag, running around in c… more ›

Pet Products
Rating: 4.8

Average rating from 4 reviews.


Two great flavors in one!! Premium chews with the irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality SMOKED PORK rawhide. Helps promote healthy teeth by preventing tartar build-up.

Dingo Porkie Mini Bones (7 Pack)
Pet Products
Rating: 4.1

Average rating from 19 reviews.


Dingo Select Mini Rawhide Chews are premium cuts of real chicken wrapped in premium rawhide to give your dog an irresistible treat he will love. Specially sized for your small dog. We pick from only the best ingredients that made the original Dingo f… more ›

Dingo Select Knotted Bone Large

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