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By Jay Speiden | 17

Even among dog lovers, Kari Hess stands out as a true canine devotee. For years now, she has gone the extra mile to make sure that every stray she comes across along the highway or in her neighborhood gets a good shot at finding its way home. … more ›

After Breakout, Bella the Beagle Returns Safely Home

Fri, Apr 16 | By Amy Lieberman | 26

NEW YORK – I’m no ornithologist, but I knew that when those pigeon eggs hatched on my windowsill last month that the babies wouldn’t last, much like those few unseasonably warm early March afternoons. I didn’t notice when the mo… more ›

A Tale of Two Birds: Urban Fliers Seek Shelter in Unlikely Places

Tue, Mar 2 | By Kris O'Donnell | 20

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - When intern Katie O'Rahilly readies the paints and canvas, she knows some anxious would-be artists await her. "They'll turn their heads over and analyze where they're putting the paint and be very delicate about it,"… more ›

Animal Art Therapy: Painting Primates Produce Beautiful Portraits in Safe Haven

Thu, Feb 25 | By Robin Wallace | 45

NEW YORK - By George, he's got it! A nearly 250-pound Great Dane, George, has claimed the records for both the "tallest living dog" and the "tallest dog ever," as officially announced by Guinness World Records. Now dubbed "Giant George,"… more ›

'Giant George' Snags 'Tallest Dog Ever' Record

Sat, Feb 20 | By Jay Speiden | 40

All the vet’s helpers and all the pet’s friends joined forces to put Peanut the lemur on the mend. Peanut was doing what baby ring-tailed lemurs love to do most – enjoying a nice morning climb in her favorite tree at the Summer Win… more ›

Peanut the Lemur: Even a Break Can’t Crack This Animal

Thu, Feb 18 | By Kris O’Donnell | 26

ORLANDO, Fla. – Zeus, a thoroughbred-quarter horse cross, gallops around the pasture with relative ease. He even stops and happily rolls around in the dirt. But just a few hours earlier, he was clearly walking in pain, the result of numerous physic… more ›

Animal Communication Workshops: Improving Empathy With All Creatures

Mon, Feb 8 | By Gabrielle Jonas | 48

With an uncanny knack for predicting which patients are reaching their final hours, Oscar, a cat in a Rhode Island nursing facility, is signaling staff to alert family members. The five-year-old tomcat, who has made about 50 corr… more ›

Uncanny Cat Keeps Vigil for the Dying

Wed, Nov 18 | By Amy Lieberman | 76

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- She might be a ham, but Rob and Harmonee Falk would rather move than give up their 300-lb Yorkshire pig, Strawberri, who, according to her owners, is just as sweet as her name implies. The couple and their… more ›

Florida Family Vows to Fight for Their 300-lb Pig

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