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Fri, Jun 10 | By Kristen Seymour | 2

Million-dollar Maltese dies at the age of 12. Trouble, the Maltese that made headlines after her owner, billionaire real estate investor and hotel operator Leona Helmsley died and left the pampered pooch $12 million, passed away in December at… more ›

Leona Helmsley's Dog, Trouble, Passes Away

Tue, May 24 | By Kristen Seymour | 2

Lifestyles of the four-legged rich and famous. Celebrities -- they're just like us! Well, sure, they have more money than they know what to do with, and yes, there are the legions of adoring fans. But, when it comes to being absolutely crazy ab… more ›

Purr-fectly Pampered Pets

Sun, Apr 24 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 1

Test your knowledge of strange but true pet trivia. As pet owners, we love every part of our cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and more. But some aspects of our animal friends can be a bit, well, strange. Many questions about pets… more ›

Giant Rabbits, Hairless Dogs and Skinks -- Oh, My!

Thu, Apr 21 | By Charlotte Reed | 1

Zootoo visits the Intergroom 2011 Creative Challenge. As is customary at most award ceremonies, the stars are always the last to arrive. And this was certainly the case among the stylish poodles at the annual Intergroom industry trade show.
more ›

Posh Poodles: Extreme Dog Styling

Mon, Mar 21 | By Amy Lieberman | 2

Designer finds inspiration after saving dog from abuse. Tony Rubio studied fashion design for people at the Fashion Institute of Technology years ago, but he didn’t like it, he says, because the models eventually wanted to alter his de… more ›

From Rescued Dog to Fashion Model

Sun, Mar 6 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 5

A fire department uses innovative gear to rescue pets. Jan. 16, 2008, developed into a fateful day for Zoe, a Chihuahua struck by a car outside an Austin, Texas shopping center, and for Temple Thomas, district commander of the Austin-Travis Cou… more ›

Pet Oxygen Masks Help Save the Day

Sat, Feb 19 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 4

Fireman plunges into icy river to save dog’s life. CRANSTON, R.I. -- A winter walk along the river almost turned tragic for a black Lab named Trooper. The dog left his owner’s side to chase birds and fell through ice, according to Brian Ad… more ›

Amazing Animal Rescues: On Thin Ice

Sun, Jan 23 | By Josh Loposer | 2

Lost Shih Tzu Returns After Five Years From our friends at Paw Nation, we bring you an amazing real-life reunion story. Though many household hounds have incredible noses, the tracking abilities shown by one California shih … more ›

Real-Life "Incredible Journey"

Thu, Jan 13 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 6

Beloved mascot collects funds for police dogs. DANVERS, Mass. ─ Maggie, the miniature horse, started pet therapy at age 8 months, according to owner Nancy LeBaron-Kiley. "It just happened," she said after a nurse spotted Maggie at the… more ›

Miniature Therapy Horse Raises Big Bucks

Thu, Jan 6 | By Diane Herbst | 6

Rescued dog comforts and transforms feral kittens. Maty, a rescued Australian Shepherd mix, comforts feral kittens and transforms them into sweet, friendly purring machines. When Maty's left leg was amputated shortly after birth, t… more ›

Furry Friends: Three-Legged Dog Cares for Kittens

By Diane Herbst | 4

This stray goat, Great Dane and Retriever are an inseparable — and unlikely — trio. It all started in early July on the grounds of a palatial Dallas-area wedding chapel. On the sprawling lawn lounged a goat and a Great Dane, who were… more ›

Amazing Rescues: Goat and Dog Pals Saved

Fri, Oct 22 | By Kris O'Donnell | 9

A Chicago police dog beats arthritis with stem cell treatment. Dasty is a happy five-year-old German shepherd who loves to be around people. He’s also very active, spending his days as a member of the Chicago Police Department’s canine unit… more ›

Treatment Puts Canine Cop Back on Patrol

By Kevin Kisthart | 21

Research reflects bond between pets and owners. After a long, stressful day, nothing is better than coming home to your best friend frantically awaiting your arrival right at the front door. As excited as you are to see your pet, there is no do… more ›

Canine Communication

Wed, Aug 25 | By Katie Leavitt | 12

Originally published August 2010 at Tonic. Never underestimate the power of a strong doggie paddle! Every summer hoards of beach-goers swarm the Italian coasts, and each year, the Italian Coast Guard estimates they rescue 3,000 people.more ›

Canine Lifeguards

Mon, Aug 23 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 3

Our favorite real-life survival stories. Every pet thinks that their human is a hero. The unconditional love that bonds an animal to their family is immeasurable. But certain humans have gone above and beyond traditional loyalty to prove their … more ›

Amazing Pet Rescues

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