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Thu, Jul 15 | By Jo Piazza | 16

Story originally published July 2010 on www.tonic.com/article/smile-file-the-unlikely-friendship-between-a-pooch-and-the-worlds-largest-rodent/ Smile File straight from the Amazon. Tonic checks in with Hear the World's Global Explorers T… more ›

The Unlikely Friendship Between a Pooch and the World's Largest Rodent

Thu, Jul 8 | By Reagan Alexander | 20

Story originally published July 2010 on www.tonic.com/article/man-pulls-a-reverse-lassie-rescues-puppy-from-canyon/ 350 feet beneath the Earth's surface, Zak Anderegg goes from vacationing canyoneer to dog's best friend. The… more ›

Man Pulls a Reverse Lassie, Rescues Puppy From Canyon

Tue, Jun 29 | By Flinn Dershem | 14

Do you wonder what your cat might be doing when you’re not around? Now, curious owners can see what their felines are up to by following them on the social networking service Twitter. Thanks to Cat@Log, a new device that Sony has deve… more ›

Does Your Cat Tweet?

Sun, Jun 27 | By Flinn Dershem | 15

Maybe you first saw one at the zoo, zooming past your face behind a sheet of glass in its underwater enclosure. Or maybe had your first encounter on a river-rafting trip, spotting two brown beady eyes peering at you from a muddy bank, the tip of a he… more ›

Otter Chaos

Sat, Jun 5 | By Kris O'Donnell | 10

Ten-year-old Australian cattle dog Middy is never far from the side of Walter Graham, his owner. Whether playing fetch or taking a walk by the lake, the two are constant companions. But Middy is no ordinary pet. “He knew before I knew … more ›

Rescued Dog Saves Diabetic Owner

Fri, Mar 5 | By Robin Wallace | 36

An amazing story of loyalty and survival came to a happy ending when 3-year-old Victoria Bensch was found with her dog, Blue, near Cordes Lake, Arizona, causing a collective sigh of relief among frantic family and searchers. The toddler … more ›

Dog Keeps Lost Toddler Warm Through Freezing Night

Mon, Mar 8 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 19

Every pet thinks that their human is a hero. The unconditional love that bonds an animal to their family is immeasurable. But certain humans have gone above and beyond traditional loyalty to prove their love for our four-legged friends.
more ›

A Pet's Best Friend: Amazing Rescues

Fri, Mar 26 | By Robin Wallace | 37

From congenital deformities to head traumas and injuries, 11,000 children a year are treated at ALYN Hospital, which means Alyna, born paralyzed, was in good hands when she arrived at the Jerusalem children's medical center. But as it tu… more ›

Paralyzed Bunny Helps Children Overcome Their Own Disabilities

Wed, Apr 21 | By Robin Wallace | 30

It's time to let the good times roll — hamster style that is! On Saturday, more than 10,000 hamsters are expected to roll into 1,000 different nationwide locations for the annual Hamster Ball Derby hosted by Petco. Racing in run-about … more ›

Calling All Hamsters: It's Derby Time!

Sat, May 1 | By Amy Lieberman | 26

More than two years have passed since Luke Robinson and his two Great Pyrenees dogs, Hudson and Murphy, started walking across the country for canine cancer awareness, so it’s understandable that the 39-year-old is ready for their journey to culmin… more ›

Journey of 2 Dogs and 2,000 Miles Nears the End

By Jay Speiden | 17

Even among dog lovers, Kari Hess stands out as a true canine devotee. For years now, she has gone the extra mile to make sure that every stray she comes across along the highway or in her neighborhood gets a good shot at finding its way home. … more ›

After Breakout, Bella the Beagle Returns Safely Home

Category Title: Boarding & Kennels Waverly, WV

Rating: 1
By: Epmccoy67

by E 05/20/2010 AVOID THIS PLACE! Hes a liar and a thief. I took my dogs there and was overcharged. I had my dogs there 9 days and he tri… more ›

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