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Wed, Nov 19 | By Pet Pulse Staff Reports | 506

COLCHESTER, UK -- The Scottish Terrier was trying to be helpful by collecting the mail for his owner, but this time, the postman dropped off an unexpected delivery that left the dog speechless. Cymbeline's jaws became stuck together last… more ›

Pup Retrieves Mail, Gets Mouth Glued Shut

Wed, Nov 12 | By Victoria Lim | 434

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Feeding time at the Mote Marine Aquarium offers an unusual scene: Sharks, notorious man-eaters, glide past one another, around the other fish in the tank, to enjoy a meal served to them on tongs. No ferociousness. No vi… more ›

Positive Training Tames Man-Eating Sharks

Fri, Nov 7 | By The Associated Press | 626

This news story has expired.

First Dog Bites White House Reporter

Fri, Nov 7 | By Joey Wahler | 475

FARMINGDALE, N.J. -- There is a trendy remedy for removing unwanted geese -- and their droppings -- from private property, with Border Collies being used across the country to address this recurring nightmare for American property owners, especially … more ›

Border Collies Work to 'Get the Flock Out'

Mon, Nov 3 | By Pet Pulse Staff Reports | 407

NEW YORK -- After being pecked by a pet magpie, an Australian woman's leg was amputated in a rare medical case, as reported in the Nov. 3 issue of the Medical Journal of Australia. The bird had "often" called for scraps at the house and … more ›

Woman Loses Leg to Magpie's Pecking

Fri, Oct 17 | By Amy Lieberman | 470

LAWTON, Okla. -- For a while, it looked like the baby miniature horse might have to make do with just one eye. KBuck's eye was hanging out and "looked all mashed up like a hamburger patty," probably as a result of his mother kicking him … more ›

Baby Horse Gets $3K Prosthetic Eye

Wed, Oct 1 | By Kris O'Donnell | 559

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- They're furry, small and often quite cute. And owners say their pet of choice -- domesticated skunks -- are no different from any dog or cat. "They're great pets. They really, really are," skunk owner Kim Corlew s… more ›

Skunks Smell Sweet to Thousands of Pet Lovers

Sun, Sep 21 | By Amy Lieberman | 276

NEW YORK -– It's unclear how a few feathered visitors have arrived at the bustling stretch of Harlem, or why they are there. But officials know that the chickens -- and turkeys -- keep coming back. For the past year, the Center for Ani… more ›

Stray Chickens Roam the Streets of Harlem

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