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Thu, Apr 2 | By Amy Lieberman | 189

MILFORD, Conn. -- With double sniffing abilities, a special rabbit at a Connecticut pet store has been deemed too good to sell. Purr-Fect Pets Inc., located in Milford, is committed to finding its two-nosed baby dwarf rabbit a h… more ›

Two-Nosed Bunny Needs a Name

Thu, Mar 19 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 247

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- One Myrtle Beach resident is saying the seizure of his pet hyena is nothing to laugh over. "We weren't trying to sell him," Nicolas Petock, 26, said of his exotic pet. "He is a member of the family." Fa… more ›

'Bubbles' the Hyena Taken from Owner

Mon, Mar 16 | By Lee Gordon | 228

This Little Piggy is a Fireman: Some piggies go to market, and some go to town. But one swine named Pee Wee runs all the way home to a local fire department. "The fact that no one had a pig, I thought, 'Let's try it out,' " Pee Wee's firefighting ow… more ›

This Little Piggy is a Fireman

Thu, Mar 12 | By Amy Lieberman | 1597

World's Oldest Dog Ready for 21st Birthday: She struggles to see, hear and even walk down the street, but Chanel, a 20-year-old Daschund, is still able to enjoy the finer things in life. As one of her owners, Karl Shaughnessy, said, "this dog is a… more ›

World's Oldest Dog Ready for 21st Birthday

Wed, Mar 11 | By Victoria Lim | 1268

Painting Pekingese Leads the Pack of Animal Artists: Inspiration to create art strikes 3-year-old Ziggy, but only if the mood is right. Yet this pooch is not the only artist in the animal kingdom. A pig, an orangutan and two seals also enjoy dabbli… more ›

Painting Pekingese Leads Pack of Animal Artists

Fri, Mar 6 | By Kris O'Donnell | 1838

Hopping Biped Puppy Bounces Through Life: After being abandoned along a Florida highway with his litter-mates, Hope is a 2-month-old puppy with a zest for life, despite only having two legs. Now this biped puppy searches for a new home and a chance … more ›

Hopping Biped Puppy Bounces Through Life

Thu, Mar 5 | By Amy Lieberman | 1728

'Ugly Bat Boy' May Be World's Ugliest Cat: But he's just a normal kitty cat, says the staff at a New Hampshire veterinarian clinic. While his breed is unknown, the 8-year-old male feline is much loved and these days, he's getting more attention than… more ›

'Ugly Bat Boy' May Be World's Ugliest Cat

Wed, Mar 4 | By Amy Lieberman | 1569

Bright Pink Dolphin Surfaces in La. Lake: The images of a bubblegum pink dolphin have created a media frenzy surrounding the seemingly mythical animal. After an initial sighting in 2007, the dolphin continues to resurface in a Louisiana lake, connec… more ›

Bright Pink Dolphin Surfaces in La. Lake

Mon, Mar 2 | By John McQuiston | 1503

Rare Cat Tests Diabetic for Low Blood Sugar: A deep sniff of his diabetic owner's breath and Elijah can tell if the blood sugar levels are normal. If not, Elijah meows an alert. It's a skill Elijah taught himself, albeit unheard of, medical professi… more ›

Rare Cat Tests Diabetic for Low Blood Sugar

Wed, Feb 25 | By Amy Lieberman | 1257

He's not your average pet, but one alligator was recently recruited -- and selected -- to serve as a mascot for a fraternity at the Washington State University. Just as quickly as an online service delivered the baby gator, though, he was soon out t… more ›

Frat Must Say 'See You Later' to Pet Alligator

Mon, Jan 19 | By The Associated Press | 1127

This news story has expired.

Goose Frozen to River Saved by Police Divers

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