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Emily S.

Whisker City Hard Slicker Brush by Whisker City

The Whisker City Hard Slicker Brush combines effective shedding control with easy hair clean-up. (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 5
By: Emily S.

In some ways, the Whisker City Hard Slicker Brush – with its smooth, molded, pink and white plastic handle – looks more like something you’d use… more ›

Pet Products

Rating: 5.0

Brushing the coat is the most important step of the grooming process and for best results should be done daily. For short coated breeds, brushing keeps the skin clean. For long coated breeds, brushing helps remove hair before it mats. Directions: Bru… more ›

Whisker City Hard Slicker Brush
Pet Products

Rating: 5.0

Made specially for cats and kittens with sensitive skin and delicate coats the Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Wire Brush will help remove mats, tangles and dead hair gently. The 5" handle is grooved to fit perfectly in your hand and is equipped with a… more ›

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Wire Brush Professional Non-Slip Grip for Cats & Kittens

July 15, 2010 | By erica m. | 5 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

It seems like Sport got a mat of hair on his tail over night. Should i cut the mat of hair out, or continue to de-mat it with my slicker brush each day while it grows out? He is a Bichon Frise, they have a curly tail structure.

erica m.

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