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Sat, Mar 1 | By Matt Van Hoven | 1445

QUEENSLAND, Aus. – The Peric family is still in shock over the death of a pet dog, which was eaten by a large scrub python that slithered into their home. According to Stuart Douglas of the Australian Venom Zoo, that particular specie… more ›

15 ft. Python Eats Australian Family's Pets

Fri, Feb 1 | By Matt Van Hoven | 1042

CHICAGO – Sara Tinsley faces felony animal cruelty charges for stabbing her ex-husband's lizards during an argument. She faces felony charges, but says lizards are not companion animals like cats and dogs; an assertion she's basing her case on. more ›

Chicago Woman Challenges State Definition of Companion Animal

Thu, Jan 31 | By Matt Van Hoven | 904

DELTONA, Fla. - Brian Radenberg has asked his neighbors to sign a petition for him. He wants the city of Deltona to know his 50 poisonous snakes are welcome. Radenberg say he's been collecting snakes since he was five-years-old. <… more ›

Fla. Man May Have to Shed His 50 Snakes

Thu, Jan 31 | By Matt Van Hoven | 908

MADAGASCAR – The BBC reported today that 320 tortoises native to Madagascar were nearly smuggled off the island, presumably for sale on the black market. The man responsible is said to be Nigerian, and was caught with the 320 animals … more ›

Smugglers Busted with 320 Tortoises

Mon, Jan 28 | By Robin Wallace | 728

SECAUCUS, N.J. – Pet turtles are the center of a salmonella outbreak. More than 100 cases have been reported in 33 states across the country since August. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, this is the largest recorded … more ›

Pet Turtles Cause Record Salmonella Outbreak

Mon, Nov 12 | By Matt Van Hoven | 370

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the number of pet reptiles in the U.S. is on the rise – feeding the highly under-regulated and sometimes illegal trade. Although reptile imports are down overall, there has been an … more ›

Exotic Reptile Trade Raises Eyebrows

Thu, Nov 8 | By Matt Van Hoven | 589

CALIFORNIA – A Ventura man will spend 270 days in jail, five years on probation and pay $5,479 in restitution for torturing his autistic neighbor's pet tortoise. Prosecutors say 18 year-old Jose Antonio Mosqueda nabbed the 40-pound A… more ›

Man Who Mutilated Autistic Boy's Tortoise Gets Jail

Tue, Nov 13 | By Matt Van Hoven | 499

MICHIGAN – Three suspects were taken into custody after police found 69 stolen exotic animals in their homes. Livonia Michigan police believe the three, a married couple from Flint and another man from Mundy, top, were stealing anima… more ›

Exotic Pet Thieves Busted

Mon, Dec 3 | By Matt Van Hoven | 552

CAMBODIA – A seven year-old Cambodian boy has an extraordinary best friend – a female Burmese python named Chamreun – which means Lucky. The snake slithered into Sambath Uon's village when he was just a few months old. The boy's … more ›

Boy's Best Friend- Wild 15" Python

Wed, Dec 5 | By Rebecca Andrews | 448

SAN FRANCISCO - A 29-year-old pet store manager has pleaded guilty to smuggling endangered turtles into the U.S. four years ago and lying about it. Coleman Lau attempted to hide 14 baby Fly River turtles in his clothing when he returned … more ›

Turtles Smuggled Into U.S

Fri, Dec 14 | By Rebecca Andrews | 545

FLORIDA – A psychologist from south Florida has found a unique way to treat some of his younger patients. With the help of his pet turtle, also named Florida, Dr. Mitchell Spero uses tricks he has taught the reptile to demonstrate some of life’s… more ›

Doc's turtle tricks help patients

Sat, Jan 5 | By Matt Van Hoven | 585

FLORIDA – A law set in motion as of Jan. 1 in Florida requires new owners of snakes and a few other reptiles to follow strict new guidelines. According to CBS station WFOR-TV in Miami, the law is aimed at protecting the animals and th… more ›

Fla. Law Requires Micro-chips for Reptiles

Mon, Jan 14 | By Matt Van Hoven | 602

NATION – According to the Humane Society of the United States, a law that passed in 1976 which banned the sale of small pet turtles could be repealed if a current motion passes through Congress. Turtles, like all reptiles, carry Salmo… more ›

Salmonella and Small Turtles

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