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Melba B.

Ruff Wear Approach Pack by Ruff Wear

The Ruff Wear Approach Backpack makes both outdoor treks and urban excursions convenient. (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 4
By: Melba B.

Whether your dog is an avid adventurer or you're just eager to take the advice of TV trainers who endorse giving your pup a job to do, the Ruff Wear A… more ›

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Rating: 4.0

Average rating from 7 reviews.


A great everyday pack with excellent performance, fit, and functionality. Use it to offset your load, or for training and exercise. The Approach Pack gives your dog a load to carry and a job to do, generating instant four-legged motivation.

Ruff Wear Approach Pack
Editorial Reviews
Flinn D.

American Rawhide Peanut Butter Basted Twists by American

American Rawhide Peanut Butter Basted Twists stick to basics. (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 3
By: Flinn D.

American Rawhide, in peanut butter flavor, by Made in America, is an 8 pack of rawhide twists that promises a long lasting, flavorful chewing experien… more ›


Fri, Sep 10 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 13

Interactive learning toys to spark your pet’s imagination. As kids head back to school, many pet parents may wonder if their four-legged family members could also benefit from mental stimulation. Fortunately, many products now feature i… more ›

Back to School!

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