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Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats by Bell Rock Growers

Cats can't resist the high quality of Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats. (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 5
By: AmyLi

The little pellet-sized Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats, featuring Deep Sea Tuna or Roasted Chicken flavors, are made with wheat grass and are design… more ›

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Rating: 5.0

Average rating from 3 reviews.


Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats are wholesome meaty snacks for cats with the added benefit of green nutrition. Wheat grass contains high concentrations of chlorophyll, enzymes, anti-oxidant nutrients, vitamins A, B-complex and C, minerals, and amino… more ›

Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats
Pet Products

Rating: 4.0

Average rating from 1 reviews.


Grow your own luscious, healthy organic greens right out of the bag. No green thumb required. Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended 100% certified organic wheat grass soil to enhance nutrients and flavor. Grows in 7-10 days. Unlike … more ›

Pet Greens Garden Pet Grass Self-Grow Kit
Editorial Reviews
Emily S.

Pet Greens Garden Pet Grass Self-Grow Kit by Bell Rock Growers

The Pet Greens garden provides quick, easy snacks for cats. (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 4
By: Emily S.

I had my doubts as I read the instructions on the Pet Greens package. All I had to do was poke some holes in the bottom of the pouch, scatter the cont… more ›

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