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Fri, Sep 28 | By AP | 119

The flag-painted fire hydrant that was removed because critics thought dogs would disrespectfully urinate on it is being reinstalled, but with a fence to keep the pooches away. The hydrant was part of a dog park named for Hondo, a police… more ›

Flag Hydrant Headed Back to Dog Park

Mon, Sep 24 | By ztadmin | 138

Ricky the Dalmatian spun across the floor with his 68-year-old handler, the high-stepping Mary Ann Coutley. The two were one of 23 pairs of handlers and pets participating in a three-day dog dancing class that ended Sunday at the Army Lake Camp and R… more ›

Dogs, Handlers Learn to Boogie and Disco

Fri, Sep 28 | By AP | 129

Animal rights activists are hopping mad because they can't find the wascals who've been dumping domestic wabbits all over the place. People have been dropping the furry creatures on roadways, in parks and near school grounds on Long Isla… more ›

Rabbits Being Abandoned on Long Island

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