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Category Title: Animal Shelters Madison, WI

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By: UpsetandConcerned

I have spent most of my life helping animals, rescuing them, giving them a home, or nursing them back to health. I already have adopted… more ›


Apr 24, 2010 8:20pm | By Vicki | 7

I got Maddy 1 year & 5 months ago. She was a rescue dog from a ppuppymill. Extremely fearful, especially of my husband. I contacted the local ASPCA about 3 months ago, for advise. I was informed to have my husband to offer Maddy some YUMMY treats… more ›


Oct 02, 2009 11:35pm | By Vicki

In Illinois, it is known that Amish people are the largest producers of puppymills. As much as I love the Amish, their food, their cheese etc....I refuse to purchase ANYTHING form Amish people because I hate the fact that they have puppymills. But, o… more ›


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