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March 29, 2014 | By Sandi C. | Urgency: Need to know

I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend and also because I'm just interested to learn all I can about different breeds. She has a bullmastiff puppy who is 4 months old. As you all probably know, for dogs it's typically recommended to have them… more ›

Sandi C.

Precision Pet 3-Door Deluxe Great Crate by Precision

Rating: 5
By: Starrwxk74

I had a hard time getting it unfolded at first because something was folded in on something then latched to something else. My brother came down, look… more ›


September 15, 2009 | By Jtrippps | 5 | Urgency: Need to know

I was trying to figure out the breed of my pup the other day. Most said a pit or lab mix, or some kind of terrier. He's 20lbs at 3 months including coming home from the shelter pretty sick. He's bounced back and is looking good going into his 4th mon… more ›

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