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January 1, 2011 | By Brooke A. | 1 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

My husband has been deployed and my dogs have gotten more and more protective the longer he's been gone. I can't get them to let people in the house, and the downside of that is that they end up having to be penned in the garage or in one of the bed… more ›

Brooke A.

August 9, 2010 | By Shoko | 1 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

I have a 3 year old rescued black lab mix named Riddler. He has an interesting history but I just want some opinions on what I should do with some of his issues that I am sure are a product of that background. Riddler has severe separ… more ›


February 16, 2010 | By Zacharyy | 1 | Urgency: Just Curious

I was just wondering if you have tried the Stella & Chewy's brand of raw dog or cat food, and how your pet did on it? I've tried the treats and Freeze dried foods and my dogs love them, so I'm considering mixing in some of the all raw diet.


September 19, 2009 | By Hhenry1973 | 1 | Urgency: Need to know

he got loose and got into something last night. he isn't sick,his eyes are just watering


September 13, 2009 | By Jtrippps | 8 | Urgency: Need to know

I was told my puppy was a lab mix when I got him at 8 weeks old, he's now 15lbs going into this 4th month. How big do you think he'll get? Also, people keep saying that he's really a pit mix or at least has pit in him, what do you think?
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September 9, 2009 | By Malchels | 4 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

I have 2 daughters and my mother living with me, when no one is home she goes upstairs to my bedroom and crys the whole time until someone is home. She has never done this before. I have been in my knew home for a month and she is still crying. She i… more ›


August 19, 2009 | By Maren | 2 | Urgency: S.O.S.!

I have a 1 year male lab, Wilco. I'm having problems with brushing, towel-drying, and petting him. He's very affectionate and enjoys sleeping on my lap on the couch or on the bed. Whenever I try to brush, pet, or dry him off he gets ver… more ›


August 4, 2009 | By casi | 6 | Urgency: Need to know

I have a 85-90 lbs lab that is 2 yrs old and a 60lb Weimaranier that is 1 1/2 years old. I feed them about 4 cups each. While my lab is bigger my Weimy is MUCH more active. My lab is a touch overweight (doc said maybe 5lbs) Should I feed them less?


July 21, 2009 | By Inux | 9 | Urgency: Need to know

My dog has a allergic reaction to flea bites. He is using Frontline right now. Is K9 Advantix better?


July 17, 2009 | By MaryBethB | 6 | Urgency: Need to know

My lab is very strong and pulls me all over the place, while he's gagging and choking.I have seen some in catalogs - Sporn, Halti, Gentle Leader - but can't see that one is any better than another.

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