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Thu, Feb 18 | By Kris O’Donnell | 26

ORLANDO, Fla. – Zeus, a thoroughbred-quarter horse cross, gallops around the pasture with relative ease. He even stops and happily rolls around in the dirt. But just a few hours earlier, he was clearly walking in pain, the result of numerous physic… more ›

Animal Communication Workshops: Improving Empathy With All Creatures

Fri, Apr 24 | By The Associated Press | 129

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- At the same time polo fans gathered to mourn 21 prized horses that died before a championship match, they learned that a wrongly mixed supplement may have been to blame for their deaths. The fans returned… more ›

Supplements to Blame for 21 Polo Horses' Deaths

Thu, Apr 23 | By Jennifer Glasse | 123

FLAXLEY, England -- Peglar's Farm in Gloucestershire is known for its prize cattle, raised by Patricia Swinley. But the day a local news photographer arrived to capture the heralded bovine on film, a new star was born. Freddie, a Jack Ru… more ›

Horse-Riding Dog Passes Torch To Understudy

Mon, Apr 20 | By The Associated Press | 150

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- Officials were waiting Monday for test results to find out why 21 polo horses from a Venezuelan team fell fatally ill before a match at a Florida tournament. One veterinarian said it looked like some kind of poison was to blame.<… more ›

Poisoning May Be Behind 21 Polo Horses' Deaths

Wed, Apr 15 | By Kim Carollo | 177

NORCO, Calif. -- Honking horns, miles-long lines of cars and frustrated drivers are all part of everyday life in the big city of Los Angeles. But just an hour southeast, drivers will find the city of Norco, where instead of screeching tires on the fr… more ›

Horsetown 'Bales' Out Car Dealerships

Wed, Apr 15 | By The Associated Press | 108

DEARBORN, Mich. -- Seeing-eye dogs are a non-option among many Muslims who consider the animals unclean, but a horse the size of a dog just might work. "This is a really awesome little horse," Mona Ramouni said this week as she put Cali,… more ›

Muslims Pass on Dogs, Opt for Seeing Eye Horses

Thu, Apr 9 | By Amy Lieberman | 203

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Nearly $12,000 has been raised to aid the recovery of a severely injured and abandoned horse in Mesa, Ariz. Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary, an Arizona-based horse rescue organization, learned of the horse, now known … more ›

Abandoned Horse Grabs Public's Heart Strings

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