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Wed, May 26 | By Haley Finnegan | 18

Over 300 participants hit the pavement on April 25 for the second annual K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk in Brooklyn, New York. Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance, this year's event raised more than $8,000 for the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF).more ›

K9K Awareness Walk Raises Money to Prevent and Treat Animal Cancer

By Amy Lieberman | 31

A new children’s book, penned by renowned Broadway actress Bernadette Peters, tells the story of a shamed pit bull that longs to be a princess pig – loved by all and not feared for her impressive set of choppers. Peters presented th… more ›

Bernadette Peters Sheds Fun, New Light on Pit Bulls in ‘Stella is a Star’

Sat, May 1 | By Amy Lieberman | 26

More than two years have passed since Luke Robinson and his two Great Pyrenees dogs, Hudson and Murphy, started walking across the country for canine cancer awareness, so it’s understandable that the 39-year-old is ready for their journey to culmin… more ›

Journey of 2 Dogs and 2,000 Miles Nears the End

Mon, Apr 19 | By Jay Speiden | 18

When Nadia Sutton founded PAWS/LA 20 years ago, she had a specific goal in mind: helping people suffering from HIV and AIDS to care for their pets. For Sutton, the goal was personal. She had recently watched as a close friend suffering from AIDS was… more ›

Pet Care Blends With People Care at PAWS/LA

Fri, Apr 9 | By Margo Sullivan | 21

HAMPSTEAD, N.H ─ A favorite dog returned recently to help the children at the Mary E. Clarke Library enjoy reading. Johnny Claude, a Standard Poodle, curled up beside a pint-sized rocking chair and waited for a youngster to come.… more ›

Rescued Dog Helps Children Learn to Read
Pet Services

Lydia Grier

Conway, AR

We also accept sponsors for our Special Angels that will remain at our rescue due to age or disability.


Fri, Mar 26 | By Robin Wallace | 37

From congenital deformities to head traumas and injuries, 11,000 children a year are treated at ALYN Hospital, which means Alyna, born paralyzed, was in good hands when she arrived at the Jerusalem children's medical center. But as it tu… more ›

Paralyzed Bunny Helps Children Overcome Their Own Disabilities

Fri, Mar 12 | By Robin Wallace | 18

As Chile struggles to recover after another round of intense aftershocks, the effects of the powerful earthquakes in both that country and Haiti continue to rattle the Western Hemisphere, leaving countless pets and animals in dire trouble.
more ›

After the Quakes: How You Can Help Animals in Chile and Haiti
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Wed, Mar 10 | By Robin Wallace | 18

NEW YORK — The phrase is as old as the sun — "man's best friend," exemplified by TV stars like Lassie, have always captured our hearts for the heroics that only a human-canine bond can create. But these extraordinary feats of loyalty are not just… more ›

Dogs of Valor: Real-Life Lassies Compete for Hero Award

Mon, Mar 8 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 19

Every pet thinks that their human is a hero. The unconditional love that bonds an animal to their family is immeasurable. But certain humans have gone above and beyond traditional loyalty to prove their love for our four-legged friends.
more ›

A Pet's Best Friend: Amazing Rescues

Mar 07, 2010 12:26pm | By Chitown | 1

I'm bustin' here. Homegirl Carol Bradley came out with her first book last week, "Saving Gracie," about the shameful puppy mill business. Like some reviewers said we would, I find it a call to action. If we Zootooers truly care about dogs, we'll take… more ›


Fri, Mar 5 | By Robin Wallace | 36

An amazing story of loyalty and survival came to a happy ending when 3-year-old Victoria Bensch was found with her dog, Blue, near Cordes Lake, Arizona, causing a collective sigh of relief among frantic family and searchers. The toddler … more ›

Dog Keeps Lost Toddler Warm Through Freezing Night

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