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Tue, Jul 8 | By Joey Wahler | 90

COLTS NECK, N.J. – A Navy working dog is the recipient of a rare honor for his contribution to the War On Terror, after overcoming the many obstacles that combat dogs face in Afghanistan. “Renato,” a 6-year-old German Shepherd, and… more ›

Combat Dog Gains 'Fame' for Afghan War Effort

Mon, Jul 7 | By Joey Wahler | 90

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Since Iowa was devastated by last month’s flooding, Kirkwood Community College has taken in about 1,200 animals victimized by the disaster, also helping save the lives of many of their owners. “We’re glad we … more ›

Iowa College Saves 1,200 Animal Flood Victims

Wed, Jun 18 | By Joey Wahler | 112

COLUMBUS, N.J. -- A remarkable transformation has come full circle for 28 puppies rescued last month when found crammed into crates in a closet with no ventilation, their hair matted, carrying contagious diseases, and covered in feces, according to t… more ›

28 Pups Rescued from Squalor Celebrate Joyous Reunion

Tue, Apr 8 | By Victoria Lim | 191

TAMPA BAY – Pit bulls are commonly in the news, making headlines in stories involving violence, like dog fighting or attacks. But a training class in Tampa Bay, Florida is showing how this breed isn’t born mean, and how environment contributes t… more ›

AKC Program Improves Pits

Mon, Mar 31 | By Pet Pulse Staff Reports | 1297

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. -– Saved from going to an Arkansas pound last year, a crippled, three-legged rat terrier had the chance to return the favor to her new owners last week. Five-year old Tripod was sleeping in the bed with John a… more ›

Three-legged Dog Saves Couple from Fire

Fri, Mar 21 | By Victoria Lim | 1198

They serve and protect our communities, and die in the line of duty to protect us. In respect of their lives, K-9 officers are now being honored for their service with their very own memorials. PALM HARBOR, Fla. – Human and canine offi… more ›

K-9 Officers Are Now Being Honored for Their Service

Thu, Mar 20 | By Stacey Farb | 1232

When most of us return from vacation, we share stories of exotic and relaxing trips. But when one Boulder, Colo., woman brought back stories of animal cruelty to her workplace, everyone got involved in what became a transcontinental rescue. more ›

A Transcontinental Rescue

Sun, Mar 16 | By Stacey Farb | 989

DENVER – Increasingly, therapists use pets to help their patients recover from trauma. But for one golden retriever, being the therapist helped her with her own recovery. “She was really stressed when we got her. Her fur started t… more ›

Denver Pet Therapy: Making a Difference

Fri, Mar 14 | By Serena Brahney | 1155

ORLAND PARK, Ill. -- When firefighters need to detect trace amounts of accelerants used to start fires– the human nose alone won’t cut it. But a dog’s can – and as a result, many fire departments are adding canines to the arson-fighting arsen… more ›

Fire Sniffing Dogs: The Nose that Knows

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