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Sun, Feb 28 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 24

For many pet lovers, every animal is a hero. Our pets make us smile when we’re down, show us love and affection each day, and even help us stay healthy and live longer! But over the years, certain pets have gone the extra mile for people in need, e… more ›

Pets to the Rescue! Our Favorite Fearless Friends

Sat, Feb 27 | By Robin Wallace | 19

NEW YORK - Calling all "kind" kids: now is your chance to shine. The search is on for America's best young friend to animals in the "Be Kind to Animals Kid Contest," announced by the American Humane Association earlier this month. The co… more ›

Does Your Pet Know a 'Kind' Kid?

Mon, Jan 25 | By Robin Wallace | 55

NEW YORK -- Snuggled between her two adopted dogs, Hilary Swank has always been an animal lover. With Rumi drifting off into a happy doze and Karoo, looking up at the two-time Academy Award winning actress with eyes filled with thanks, Swank knows fi… more ›

 Hilary Swank Helps 1.3M Pets Find Forever Homes

Sun, Jan 17 | By Lindsay Goldwert | 76

Bringing a new Rex or Whiskers home is like welcoming a new member of the family. Whether it’s a cat or dog (or something with feathers or scales), there will be a lot adjusting for the little guy... and for you as well. So before you drop lots o… more ›

Welcome Home!  Bringing a new puppy or kitten home.

Jan 14, 2010 10:44am | By Modern D.

The ASPCA is seeking nominations for their annual Humane Awards that honours people or pets who have engaged in acts of heroism over the past year in the United States. Last year's winners included a piano-playing shelter cat; a Labrador retriever wh… more ›


Category Title: Rescue Groups/Organizations Plymouth, WI

Rating: 5
By: Sreeraeder

Long time pet owners but first time adopting. The people we worked with really love their animals and have a job with a purpose. I know when we pick… more ›


Sat, Nov 14 | By Amy Lieberman | 57

NEW YORK -- Iraq is the wrong place to go if you are a dog lover, according to Marine pilot, Maj. Brian Dennis, who remarks that soldiers can see hundreds of stray dogs a day in need of food, care and affection. Yet in a … more ›

No Dog Left Behind

Wed, Nov 11 | By Amy Lieberman | 64

Veteran’s Day occurs only once a year, but for some Americans, it’s just another Wednesday, spent honoring soldiers’ sacrifices with an irreplaceable gift: the knowledge that when they return home, their pets will be there waiting for them. more ›

On Veteran’s Day, Honoring Soldiers by Helping Their Pets

Category Title: Rescue Groups/Organizations MINNEOLA, FL

Houndhaven lives up to it's name and more! (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 5
By: HoundMomx3

I have first hand experience with this rescue group and can say with 100% confidence that every penny donated is spent for the animals. All humans in… more ›


Category Title: Animal Shelters Helotes, TX

Rating: 5
By: Phenry303

This group of dedicated volunteers are performing such a great and desperately needed service.

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