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Mon, Apr 30 | By Charlotte Reed | 1

Behind the scenes at the Intergroom 2012 pet grooming competition. In recent years, creative pet styling competitions have become all the rage with the grooming set. Professional groomers work with paint, glitter, crystals, and feathers… more ›

Creative Pet Styling

Wed, May 4 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 1

Zootoo answers your questions about grooming pets at home. As warmer weather arrives, your pet may be ready for a “spring cleaning” of his own. And whether you’re spiffing him up for his seasonal debut at the dog park, or just a pr… more ›

Spiff Up Your Pet!

Thu, Apr 21 | By Charlotte Reed | 1

Zootoo visits the Intergroom 2011 Creative Challenge. As is customary at most award ceremonies, the stars are always the last to arrive. And this was certainly the case among the stylish poodles at the annual Intergroom industry trade show.
more ›

Posh Poodles: Extreme Dog Styling

By Charlotte Reed | 5

Easy ways to keep loose fur under control. Shedding hair is one of the biggest annoyances of dog and cat owners. So how can you rid your home and your clothing of unwanted hair? Regardless of age or breed, all dogs and cats (except for ha… more ›

Seven Pet Shedding Solutions

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