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Fri, Oct 12 | By Matt Van Hoven | 197

OREGON – Controversy has arisen over two Black-tailed Deer that were removed from an Oregon family's home just a month ago. In Oregon, it's illegal to own Cervid – that's elk and deer – without a license. For that reason, the Or… more ›

Pet Deer (Snowball) Taken by Animal Control

Wed, Sep 26 | By ztadmin | 31

In the debate over whether bottled water tastes better than tap water, Clyde the elk votes for the bottle every time. Clyde is a domesticated elk who was born and raised on a ranch and lives at the privately run Wyman Living History Museum outside th… more ›

Clyde the Elk Prefers Bottle Water

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We’ve all grown accustomed to the many fundraisers and charitable events that the pet industry produces for homeless pets. From pet food companies… more ›

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