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January 4, 2012 | By Fizr | 3 | Urgency: Need to know

My cat has crazy bad dandruff. I tried bathing her a while back but she freaked out and pooped in the tub. We brush her at least once a day. She didn't used to have a problem, and we haven't made a sudden change in her diet or environment. What now? … more ›


Blue Buffalo Spa Select Indoor Cat Food by Blue Buffalo

Rating: 2
By: Artemis87

I originally had my cats on Purina Indoor Cat Chow with the kitten having a can of wet kitten food on the side, but after reading the ingredients I de… more ›

Pet Products
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DERMagic Anti-Dandruff Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Adelia R.

DERMagic Anti-Dandruff Dead Sea Salt Scrub by DERMagic

Rating: 5
By: Adelia R.

Harness the therapeutic power of natural sea minerals and nutrients to pamper and detoxify your pet. Our unique blend of Dead Sea salts and natural mi… more ›

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