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Sun, Jul 11 | By Amy Lieberman | 12

Through Broadway Barks, the New York theater community shines the spotlight on rescued pets. The Broadway neon lights were bright and hot in New York City's Times Square on Saturday afternoon, when the bustling scene got a new kind of to… more ›

"Broadway Barks" Supports Pets for Adoption

Thu, Jul 8 | By Reagan Alexander | 20

Story originally published July 2010 on www.tonic.com/article/man-pulls-a-reverse-lassie-rescues-puppy-from-canyon/ 350 feet beneath the Earth's surface, Zak Anderegg goes from vacationing canyoneer to dog's best friend. The… more ›

Man Pulls a Reverse Lassie, Rescues Puppy From Canyon

Tue, Jul 6 | By Kevin Kisthart | 16

A recent photo contest crowned “cutest pet” winners—and honored their incredible rescue stories. The third annual Bissell Homecare Inc. “Most Valuable Pet” Contest has crowned its three winners. And although these beautiful hon… more ›

Rescued Animals Celebrated in "Most Valuable Pet" Competition

Mon, Jul 5 | By Robin Wallace | 14

A new calendar aims to help rescue animals in search of homes. 12 studly men and 12 cuddly cats for adoption—it could be a dream come true for animal lovers. Now, it’s part of the nationwide search for the new faces of the “6 Packs… more ›

"6 Packs/9 Lives" Campaign Promotes Cats for Adoption

Thu, Jul 1 | By Kris O'Donnell | 10

One man’s legacy inspires an innovative program—and brings hope to pet owners in Florida. KISSIMMEE, Fla.—For many seniors who live alone or far away from family, their pets become dedicated companions. That bond can be so strong … more ›

For Senior Pet Owners, Jimmy's Place Serves Critical Need

By Katie Leavitt | 9

Story originally published May 2010 on www.tonic.com Californians are well known for favoring small dogs and toting their portable pups around anywhere a handbag can go. It's great those dogs all have a home, many even live the life of l… more ›

Freedom Flight Brings Homeless Dogs to Waiting Families

Thu, Jun 10 | By Anne Driscoll | 14

Story originally published May 2010 on www.tonic.com Many of the sunniest vacation destinations have a persistent problem with stray animals. But two activists are working with local officials, scores of volunteers and the tourism indust… more ›

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Wed, Jun 9 | By Kris O'Donnell | 12

When the door to the portable dog carrier opened, the two very special occupants inside didn’t hesitate. They flew about one hundred yards and landed in the water. The two Brown Pelicans then took to the air to search for food. They are survivors o… more ›

Birds Find Refuge After Gulf Oil Spill

Sat, Feb 27 | By Robin Wallace | 19

NEW YORK - Calling all "kind" kids: now is your chance to shine. The search is on for America's best young friend to animals in the "Be Kind to Animals Kid Contest," announced by the American Humane Association earlier this month. The co… more ›

Does Your Pet Know a 'Kind' Kid?

Mon, Mar 8 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 19

Every pet thinks that their human is a hero. The unconditional love that bonds an animal to their family is immeasurable. But certain humans have gone above and beyond traditional loyalty to prove their love for our four-legged friends.
more ›

A Pet's Best Friend: Amazing Rescues

Fri, Mar 12 | By Robin Wallace | 18

As Chile struggles to recover after another round of intense aftershocks, the effects of the powerful earthquakes in both that country and Haiti continue to rattle the Western Hemisphere, leaving countless pets and animals in dire trouble.
more ›

After the Quakes: How You Can Help Animals in Chile and Haiti

Fri, Mar 26 | By Robin Wallace | 37

From congenital deformities to head traumas and injuries, 11,000 children a year are treated at ALYN Hospital, which means Alyna, born paralyzed, was in good hands when she arrived at the Jerusalem children's medical center. But as it tu… more ›

Paralyzed Bunny Helps Children Overcome Their Own Disabilities

Mon, Mar 29 | By Jay Speiden | 26

For most people, the sound of the words "dog" and "show" together conjures up images of pampered purebreds strutting their stuff under television lights in an immaculate ring surrounded by velvet ropes. That was hardly the case last week at the first… more ›

Mutt Show Raises Money for Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

Sat, Apr 3 | By Robin Wallace | 45

Born at a Connecticut animal shelter, Bindu Su, an Aussie Shepherd, has a very complete life, making weekly local nursing home visits, competing in agility events and now, appearing on her very own commemorative United States Postal Service stamp.more ›

Stamps to the Rescue: USPS, Ellen DeGeneres Join Forces to Help Homeless Pets

Sun, Apr 18 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 27

For pet lovers, every week is an opportunity to show affection and love to our furry friends. But from May 2 - 8, 2010, American Humane makes this celebration official by sponsoring "Be Kind to Animals Week." Since 1915, the organization… more ›

Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week!

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