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Sun, Jan 16 | By Amy Lieberman | 4

Stress and change in environment can make healthy cats appear sick, study finds. Pet owners who are concerned about their cats exhibiting signs of sickness, like throwing up or refusing to eat, should think carefully before they whisk them off … more ›

Creatures of Habit

Sat, Oct 16 | By Vivian Jamieson, DVM | 13

Feline gene research promises better health for our kitty friends. I am excited. As a practicing veterinarian and cat lover, I have treated cats for one disease or another for the past 30 years. Recently it has baffled me how little has changed… more ›

Cat Lovers Rejoice

Mon, Aug 30 | By Jay Speiden | 4

New treatments are bringing veterinary medicine into the 21st century. A pet owner would be hard-pressed to find an individual more qualified to speak about advances in veterinary techniques than Dr. Kyle Kerstetter of Michigan Veterinary Speci… more ›

Cutting-Edge Pet Care

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