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Wed, Apr 22 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 58

NEW YORK -- New York City's flock of wild monk parakeets appear to have outsmarted Con Edison technicians, but they are now hoping a battery-powered owl, Hootie, might take matters into his own claws. The birds, also known as Quaker parr… more ›

Hootie the Owl Can't Stop Quaker Parrots

Wed, Apr 8 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 154

NEW YORK -- An African Grey parrot was called to the stand as a witness in a Florida court case on Monday. The 16-year-old bird is named Tequila, or Lucky, depending on who you talk to -- he was at the heart of an emotional custody dispu… more ›

Parrot Called to Witness Stand in Custody Case

Mon, Mar 9 | By Amy Lieberman | 1024

VAN DYNE, Wisc. -- Tom Burrow has yet to receive any substantial donation to ease the pain of his animals' veterinary expenses, but his niece, Michelle Kastelic, is still hopeful. Noting Zootoo Pet News users' apparent interest in her un… more ›

No Help Yet for Pet Owner's $13K Vet Bill

Tue, Feb 24 | By Amy Lieberman and Nancy Perla | 995

Owner fights fire, can't extinguish $13K vet bill: Tom Burrow was lucky to save most of his home and his two pets from a fire, but he's buckling under the weight of a five-digit vet bill. Out of work and waiting for back surgery, Burrow needs a mira… more ›

Owner Fights Fire, Can't Extinguish $13K Vet Bill
Crunchable Birdses

By Sarah C. | 1 Pet Featured

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