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Pet Services

Shannon's Pet-Sitting

Carpentersville, IL

* Established in 1998 * Bonded * Daily & Overnight Visits * Accredited by the American Pet Association * Member of Profes… more ›


Jan 09, 2010 9:58am | By Mbenschop

Check out this blog. New information every month. It even has a calorie counter for your dog. myrtlebenschop.com


Wed, Jan 6 | By Amy Lieberman | 47

The proverbial chicken would have a hard time crossing the congested Chadni Chowk Road, the main, hectic central stretch of Old Delhi, clogged by a endless stream of cars, rickshaws, trucks and bicycles. But if it somehow did, it would find itself s… more ›

Birds Find Treatment, Care in Heart of Old Delhi, India
Pet Services

Nov 29, 2009 7:44pm | By EmiIa | 1

for Thanksgiving I gave the crows rice krispie treats they love them . and one of my crows brought a empty wrapper onto the porch like he was asking for more (day after thanks giving ) I gave him another one . I also give them bowls of warm wa… more ›

Pet Services

Birdtalk Magazine, published by Bowtie magazines by User Suggested Products

Rating: 5
By: EmiIa

bird talk is a great magazine one of the few I would subscribe to I recommend it to every one that shares their life with birds or who wants to… more ›

C. K.

Category Title: Pet Stores APPLE VALLEY, CA

Rating: 4
By: C. K.

This is a feed store, so don't expect the cute little things you might see at PetSmart or Petco. This place is a great place to find all of the kinds… more ›

Pet Products
Rating: 5.0

Average rating from 1 reviews.



Sep 29, 2009 4:41pm | By Lori

I bought some Bitter Spray called Fooey Bird Training Aid. It was supposed to help with feather plucking. I sprayed on all the bare spots missing feathers. Coby didn't pluck while it was still wet. But as soon as it dried he was back at it full pace.… more ›


Fooey Training Aid by Fooey

Rating: 2
By: Lori

I bought this because my Quaker Parrot started feather plucking under his wings. I sprayed this on a lot and after it dried my bird continued to feath… more ›

Pet Services
Rating: 4.5

Average rating from 2 reviews.



Category Title: Veterinarians & Specialists Shreveport, LA

Rating: 5
By: MysticBlueRaven

I take all my guinea pig to see Dr Ned Wynn DVM, It is easy to get an appointment to see him He explains in detail what is wrong with the patient. He … more ›

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